if the contact palpable breast appeared slightly thicker than the surrounding tissue boundaries are not clear

1, breast pain,

breast tenderness is often severe pain associated with inflammatory manifestations of breast, in acute mastitis and breast abscess. Local pain clinically, often associated with the menstrual cycle, the general in mammary gland is simple and cystic hyperplasia.

2, breast masses

breast tumors is the main symptom of breast cancer, more than eighty percent of the mass is the patient himself discovered by accident, only a small part is when doctors found in the body. Breast lumps were found in breast hyperplasia, breast tuberculosis.

3, nipple discharge

is generally believed that bloody discharge sixty percent cancer may, slurry, milk or the water sample of benign lesions possibility; with mass should be suspected of malignant, without bump the bloody nipple discharge often benign.

4, breast skin changes

Most of

disease of breast the breast skin without any change, acute mastitis often redness of the skin, breast tuberculosis and skin ulcers or fistula, breast cancer can appear the skin retraction form "dimple sign".

5, nipple change

nipple is also found in breast cancer, often unilateral invagination. Around the nipple skin recurring eczema, skin itching, prolonged does not heal, do virtual Paget’s disease may be, it is a special type of breast cancer.

6, breast contour change

in normal breast with complete arc outline, or abnormal of the arc of any defect, are very important, often an early manifestation of breast cancer.

7, axillary lymph node enlargement and upper arm edema

breast inflammation and breast cancer may occur in axillary lymph nodes, upper arm swelling of the axillary lymph node metastasis caused by extensive.

8, mammary glands localized thickening of

if the contact palpable breast appeared slightly thicker than the surrounding tissue boundaries are not clear, is difficult to measure the exact size, clinical diagnosis of "hyperplasia more commonly". If the thickening of tissue exist for a long time, and the menstrual cycle changes, or increasingly thickening and range is increased, particularly in group after the period when women, should be paid more attention to, because such lesions about eight percent for cancer.

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