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Jolin once in a certain period of time due to the chest suddenly become larger, suspected of breast augmentation, and Jolin himself said that because only eat traditional Chinese medicine conditioning effect is really false, we do not comment, but traditional Chinese medicine conditioning indeed according to breast development is extremely important breast development.

traditional Chinese medicine believes that the development of breasts, and the Zang Fu organs, meridians, Qi and blood are closely related to the liver, stomach, kidney, and Chong, the two clock and the breast development is most relevant, if the viscera, meridians, Qi and blood disorders, it will affect the development of breast.

1, liver qi stagnationThe most common

of this type, due to emotional instability, irritability or melancholy man, is breast meridian impeded, causes premenstrual breast pain, postpartum lack of milk secretion.

treatment: dredge the stagnation of liver qi, with modified ease powder addition and subtraction (e.g., cowherb seed, Radix trichosanthis).

2, deficiency of Qi and blood

congenital and acquired a weak constitution, malnutrition, will cause the flat chest or postpartum milk secretion less.

treatment: Qi, blood, used Bazhen Decoction (such as Astragalus, meat Cong Rong).

3, stagnant heat of liver and stomach

hot sex constitution, and excessive eating spicy things; or prolactin hypersecretion, present since the milk out, even cause the breast of corruption into severe poisoning, caused breast masses.

treatment: heat detoxification, dandelion, Xia Kucao, Fructus malvae.

the past two years popular medicated bath to relieve the pressure, relieve fatigue, because the bath itself can promote blood circulation, stimulate the body circulation, but also beautify the chest curve.


can match some of the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine recommended herbs, will find that the benefits of medicated bath, because the drugs did not entrance (no injury is in the stomach, liver and kidney does not increase the load), do not have to worry about side effects, can also clean the skin (using diffusion, osmosis principle, through disease).

bath bath

herbs: Dandelion three money, angelica two money, yam two money material

1, the said Chinese medicinal materials are inverted 1000ml cold water, open water, simmer for 15 minutes.

2, into 40 bath warm water, about 7 ~ 8 full, fried good medicine juice into the tub.


3, body wash, soak in water for 10 minutes, the water to be flooded to the chest is standard.

note: bath after a meal two hours available for this side, menstruation forbids the use of.

(Intern editor: Deng Yongqi)

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