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A Quick Guide to Google AdWords Tools Google AdWords can be challenging to understand and us effectively, you are probably hoping that through reading this article that you will learn which AdWords tool is the most effective and will give you the biggest advantage. I believe that there is no single best tool on Google AdWords and that is because each tool can be effective and it all depends on what you are trying to achieve through the use of Google AdWords. Although I cannot give a definitive response this article will look at multiple AdWords tools that can make you experience with the program much easier. Most AdWords Software tools will either generate, build, analyze or spy on existing campaigns that your competitors are using. Some of the software that is available is Google’s AdWords Editor, Adgrenade, Ad Spy Pro, AdWords Generator, AdWords Analyzer, and AdWords Accelerator. Next we will take a more in depth look at each tool that was discussed above.
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AdWords Accelerator: This is a tool that makes it easier for you to create new effective Google AdWords campaigns. A lot of Google AdWords is based off of clicks, this accelerator tool looks at clicks per day estimator to determine the best market for you to place your ads. A lot of AdWords is based off of trial and error and for this it is best to get campaigns out as quick as possible, but if the market you are going for is overly competitive jumping in quickly will not be the best option, especially if you are a new internet marketer. To gain an edge over your competition you need to analyze the market you are going into.
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Ad Spy Pro: This tool is similar to the accelerator discussed earlier, this software lets you search the web and gather information on already existing AdWords campaigns. Unlike the Accelerator, Ad Spy Pro will give you detailed information about affiliated ads, profitability, and it will even show you the exact ad and where the ad redirects you. AdWords Analyzer: This tool has the ability to identify and retrieve a complete list of keywords and phrases related to the niche market you are trying to join, it will give you numbers on advertising campaigns that are running the keywords you are searching. AdWords Generator: This tool creates a list of keywords for you, it does this by using similar terms and keywords to the keyword you have enter and lets you upload your new keywords to your Google account. Adgrenade: Like AdWords Generator, this tool creates ads on the fly, by mixing and matching your supplied keywords to create headings for your ads. Google AdWords Editor: This tool is provided by Google and it lets you build and edit ads on your own computer and then upload them to your AdWords account.

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