in addition to breast hyperplasia

1 lumps. Slow growth, ache is apparent mass mostly benign hyperplasia or inflammation; rapid growth, ill defined mass needs to check as soon as possible.

2 nipple. The cause of the inverted nipple several: clothes too tight beam, especially women in breast development period the underwear is too tight; bra improper use, too small, too tight, the use of early genetic factors.

3 skin ulcers. In breast cancer patients, some patients will appear skin problems, performance for the local fester cured, with a lot of bloody, purulent malodorous secretion.

red 4 / fever. The nipple, areola color deepened, fever, raised the possibility of bilateral or unilateral breast in hyperplastic lesions or cystic hyperplasia, or accompanied by increased level of estrogen in vivo.

5 nipple discharge. Many causes of nipple discharge, in addition to breast hyperplasia, and tuberculosis of the breast, mastitis, breast cancer, some female endocrine disorders can also cause of nipple discharge. These diseases, both benign and malignant, also, the need for timely check.

6 concave points. Breast "dimple" is suspensory ligament of breast involvement performance. While breast chronic inflammatory, fat necrosis of breast, subcutaneous vein thrombophlebitis and postoperative scar contracture, are likely to cause skin sag.

7 deep induration. If the breast felt tough texture, smooth surface, but the slow growth, no other feeling induration, may be adenoma.

Orange peel appearance in

8. Invasion of breast cancer subcutaneous lymphatic vessel, lymphatic circumfluence suffocate suffocate, cause skin edema, but the hair follicles will not so easily skin edema, surface depression, like orange peel like. Professor Xu Binghe says, can cause cellulite changes: fibroadenoma disease, tuberculosis, fibrocystic hyperplasia, sarcoma, breast cancer and fat necrosis.

9 asymmetric. Congenital asymmetry is mainly due to estrogen, progesterone influence adolescent breast development, leading to side sensitive development too fast, while the other side breast development is slow; the day after tomorrow asymmetry occurred mainly in the birth lactation of women, when feeding habits with side breast, or feed the milk, incorrect posture causes.

10 veins appeared. Because of the superficial vein superficial location, close to the skin, pregnancy and breast lesions in rapid progress, such as breast sarcoma, superficial venous varicose.

11 hardening. A breast implant prosthesis is easily hardening phenomenon.

12 part hollow. The implantation of a prosthesis deviation, prone to depression appeared.

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