in breast tumor fiber patients

– the fibroadenoma of the breast is a common breast benign tumor, most likely to attack the 20-25 years old young girl

– the experts found that in the clinic: the more rich, more prone to breast fibroadenoma, suspected of these women in the wealth creation process overdraft health

medical guidance / breast center of Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University professor Ye Changsheng director of

breast fibroadenoma is a common benign tumor of the breast, breast benign tumor incidence accounted for 75%. Breast cancer patients with different levels of the same age, breast fibroadenoma patients are 20 to 25 years old so that some positive brilliant youth, summer women life. Breast center of Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University director Ye Changsheng said, a phenomenon he receives in the discovery process: the more money the more easily with the female breast fibroadenoma "link", which may be related to the part of women in the pursuit of wealth in the process of overdraft health related.

experts remind, although fibroadenoma of breast benign tumor, deterioration of probability is low, but if the tumor is up to 1.5 centimeters of above, or should choose personalized means removed.


phenomenon of the rich, more susceptible to breast fibroadenoma

"lead to arch-criminal breast fibroadenoma is estrogen, be sure to say, if there is no breast fibroadenoma, estrogen, estrogen is rising continuously, also make the mammary gland fibroid tumor incidence continued high." Professor Ye Changsheng says.

with estrogen environment pollution, seasonal food increased, in meat food, living and working pressure increases continuously, the majority of city female hormones are in an unstable state regulation. This stage is very prone to disorder, endocrine, endocrine disorders and once rise, estrogen, breast fibroadenoma is unexpected.

in breast tumor fiber patients, Professor Ye find such an interesting phenomenon: the more wealthy people, the more likely to get breast fibroadenoma.

he explained further, appear this kind of circumstance, because people in the process of creating wealth in excessive spending my health. Long time working, eating habits, values of night high strength mental labor, unreasonable, are the result of endocrine system disorders.

analysis of canceration rate is extremely low, do not have to worry too much about

how to find their Is it right? Got breast fibroadenoma? Ye Changsheng introduces, breast fibroadenoma external the main manifestation is the breast mass, and this mass, often occur in the side of breast. The shape is not the size of a round or oval, touch up texture is hard, smooth surface and clear boundary, the most important is, no pain pain. It is understood, fibroadenoma of breast lumps are usually slow growing, not fester fester.


be cancerous breast fibroadenoma? This is very concerned about a lot of people with the disease of women problems. Professor Ye Changsheng stressed, fibroadenoma of breast and breast >

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