in the investigation for up to 6 years

A new study shows that

America University of Washington, the girl from the developmental stage (12 years old) play more sports, can effectively prevent the occurrence of breast cancer in adulthood.


researchers studied 65000 people aged 24 to 42 year old nurse were investigated, mainly for their 12 year old later movement situation.

in the investigation for up to 6 years, 550 women were diagnosed with breast cancer before the menopause.

data shows, if women in adolescence and early adulthood after exercise, their chances in menopausal breast cancer than those with a sedentary lifestyle doesn’t love exercise for women had a 23% lower.

among them, the lowest risk of breast cancer of women, the average weekly sports time is 3 hours and 15 minutes, the mode of motion jogs primarily.

studies have pointed out, the middle-aged women in menopause after the exercise, can reduce the incidence of breast cancer risk.

in addition, 12 years old to 22 years old is the feminine movement effect best time running, walking, take a variety of ways of expert proposal female exercise.

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