in the past four years

I is a 33 year old female, I live in New York, I have a good friend, and a very good job, every week I will go to the gym…… That’s all well and good, until I received a breast cancer diagnosis book, everything changed. I started with breast cancer fighting, but I don’t know if I can do it.

I think, when you in the face of challenges before, you don’t know their limits. And I lie in the process of breast cancer fighting to do well, although it is not easy, fortunately I operation and treatment are very well. The love of my family and friends, encourage gave me unlimited power, as a survivor, I can proudly say: I can do it.

now, I’m reborn seven years, in the past four years, I put myself and breast cancer fighting experience to share with other breast cancer patients, tell them, even if have breast cancer is promising. As the Avon Walk breast cancer project managers, can I’m proud to announce, in the past ten years, we have raised $470000000 to help breast were treated with. I have perfect health insurance so lucky, and met a very good doctor, but not everyone can be so lucky. Every day we do work can help and change the life of patients, we also study the prevention and treatment methods in the new fund, all this is worth it.

When I think of

was diagnosed with breast cancer after the confusion and fear, I will think of the good things I get early in the process, it makes the relationship between my friends and family, more closely, has changed my life. In Avon Walks, I saw the sisters celebrate Mother’s rehabilitation, see mother and daughter together, see men how to accompany their wives through — people do what they can to support their loved one. I think, every time someone was diagnosed with breast cancer, and also tells the people around her, should pay more attention to their health, even bad things will have a good harvest.

(Editor: Teng Xiaolan)

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