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love not enough to stimulate, pleasure is not strong, you must begin to change, otherwise the woman will abandon you. But how to change to be effective? Most man will just "import", so do there will be boring, tasteless, because the method can really bring the woman of pleasure is the stimulation of her wall of vagina.

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the female vaginal wall

in the vagina, the distribution of a lot of pleasure point. While these pleasure point initiation more, women the more likely climax period.

so the piston movement, not only the friction of vaginal wall only, should use the glans stimulation of these pleasure point, make the stimulus range more widely. The rotary motion, the so-called twist and so on penis motion, can make the female pleasure is more intense, the most important skill in this. There are many people misunderstood the rotary motion, that is the circular movement, and according to this painting circle way to do, especially to normal position, the body by the arms on the support, the lower part of the body hanging in the air but also to draw a circle, the results not only get back extremely uncomfortable, flexible action of rudeness do not say, still let women feel hurt them.

for the combination, the fulcrum in the vagina, so the rotary motion, is actually the penis "inverse triangle movement", the penis with the fulcrum, as long as the scroll, like grinding rod shaking like, at this time, women feel the penis as if is rotating the same.

the vagina should be stimulated, in general can be divided into three types, that is, the ventral wall of the vagina, crest the dorsal side of the vaginal wall, vaginal depths of the. Rotary motion here said, is also stimulate these points, especially the stimulation of anterior vaginal wall, an indispensable part of posterior vaginal wall motion.

moreover, the penis is not just about motion, if it is twisted like painting inverse triangle of words, then, in the vagina feeling, will >

often exercise can make the body condition is better for us, and this for the same tolerance.

in the married life, men in general to take a more active and action than women, therefore, some of the following exercises will allow your body to achieve a good state, to achieve a more perfect life of husband and wife.



this movement is not only to increase the power of the shoulders (weightlifting and pull ups can do that), but also can increase the flexibility. On the bed turnover rolling shoulders down about the flexibility needed. In order to achieve the best effect, the arms straight forward, seized the left wrist with the right hand, then his arms stretched above the head, and slightly backward force, until the armpit feel a slight pull. To maintain this position a count of 5, then relax your arms, repeat this action one or two times.


2, abdominal

The most important

abdominal muscle men perhaps of the muscle during sex. The most common sit ups can strengthen the abdominal muscles. Supine, knees bent, arms are crossed at the chest or fastened on the back of the neck for support, slowly raised his head and shoulders, the shoulders away from the ground 4 inches. To maintain this position number 3, and then relax and repeat this action, the number shall be limited to the comfortable degree of individual. In accordance with one practicing slowly increase the frequency.

3, hip and groin

The main points of this part of the

practice is flexibility, not strength. These two exercises to help accomplish this.

was the first one to practice. Sitting on the floor, bipod and approach, legs bent, knees apart, elbows to reach the ankle in two knees between. Then hold the double ankle, and the soles of his feet touching, body slightly bent forward, at the same time, with the elbows respectively against two knees, slowly will be two knees pressed to the floor. When you feel the groin stretch feeling, stop and hold this position for a few seconds. Relax, repeat this action 2 to 3 times. Do this action, to ensure that the action is very soft.

second practice. Sitting cross legged, lean slightly forward, his arms stretched as far as possible before. When you feel the groin stretch feeling, soft and bowed down one or two. Relax, repeat the exercise 2 or 3 times.


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