interrupt the flow of urine or hold back make water can make you aware of these muscles is located

insertion technique to let her again and again " run

tipsA man inserted into

to shallow, because the most sensitive 1/3 Yin Road, inserted too deep is not necessary, the GUI head is inserted into the light is enough, this is beneficial to both sides. The male host when the woman put your legs on the man’s shoulder, this can shorten the Yin Road, let the man feel stems increased growth in yin. The woman in the prone position, the man lie on the legs, in the woman’s legs on both sides, the woman clamping Yin stem, on both sides of the stimulus will increase. The woman riding in the supine man body, feet clamping the man’s buttocks, female direction tilt like riding on the Pentium horse, so Yin anterior canal wall can additionally enjoy unusual stimulus.

or in the female superior when the woman is not up and down the lane, but like to write "8" words like rotary, for man is definitely a strong stimulation, men avoid premature ejaculation. When a female host also can let Yin stem affixed to the abdomen, then the woman sitting in the Yin stem above, before and after using external Yin mobile Yin stimulation stems, give the man feel like as oral sex. The woman kneeling position the chest is falling down, and hips are set up, the man into the Yin Road extension, boost, and the woman’s body can also autonomously sliding back and forth, breast can enjoy additional stimulus and mattress.

side sex note, while stimulating Yin pedicle, such as he used his legs back and forth or circular motion massage Yin pedicle, there will be unexpected harvest. Under the female butt pad on a pillow, so you can create one of the most beneficial to the climax of the 26° pelvic tilt, when the man’s body will be with Yin pedicle has the maximum contact. So no worries about the second climax.

1, self training. Specific methods: masturbation where they persist in 15 minutes. This purpose of masturbation is not simply to let yourself get pleasure, but at the same time, in the mind how fantasy let the other acquired run.

2, "" strong motion. Exercise ejaculation muscle, interrupt the flow of urine or hold back make water can make you aware of these muscles is located, and then take the "Kegel movement" exercise these parts, namely the contraction of hip and pelvic floor muscle movement, and then relax for 10 seconds, repeated several times.

3, control

excited. Reaction process is divided into four stages: excitement period, duration, high tide period, subsidise period. To be more strong and abiding, the key is to be aware of the whole

4, pressure to the urethra. When you find yourself sex physical reaction too quickly, "overheating" state, try pressing Y to below the stem, urethral some pressure, this small pipe is in the back of the Y stem. Doing so can reduce the Y stems in the blood, so that rapid ejaculation desire suppressed.

5, "tasting" movement. Y stem don’t rush to insert, first wandering activities in the partner Y crossing, the most sensitive nerve endings, when having intercourse, insert the not too deep, about Y inside 2 – 3 centimeters, and then start the small magnitude of the activity, not only let the other side to try to stop but cannot, and let Y stems in the hot Y inside not prematurely dispirited.


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