is the good wishes of the majority of

in of "live longer, a little bit longer", is the good wishes of the majority of male . But the sex goal is to allow both sides to obtain the pleasure and joy, as long as the sex time rational distribution, even if only 10 minutes, can let both sides to " run.

Department of Yuquan Hospital of Tsinghua University Yang Dazhong said, complete sex includes three parts, foreplay, essence of sex and after the show. In general, sexual time person, varies with time, can be in about twenty or thirty minutes. From the time distribution of view, you can follow the principle of 2: 3: 2. In twenty minutes for example, foreplay should be accounted for about six minutes, the essence of sex for eight or nine minutes, about six minutes after the show. This distribution, one hand to ensure that the each link length, to avoid excessive prolong sex time; on the other hand, research has shown that, it is enough to arouse each other’s desires, let the body fully prepared, to meet the high quality sex.

and for some of us, after all, sex is the physical and mental consumption are larger integrated movement. If the time is too long, it will bring about negative effects, and even endanger the health . For example,

is not a spacious bed life , you Is it right? For a time unable to adapt? Is it right? Don’t know except in the bed sex < / u>, and what makes you a cloud?

never lost, haven’t you heard the car? Just fast and Ida people together to try this new type of sex!

for men and women in the matter of the closed car, also is not new ideas. Enjoy sex in such a narrow space, and the resulting pleasure to believe and lying in bed completely different.

two people kiss each other to sit in the front seat, from the neck so that " breast touch, just as passionate foreplay. Better than in the car at home, not easy to strip all the clothes, but still can unlock the woman caressing her breasts skirts.

then in the driver men , can further leaning over, began to caress of the sex organs, in the process, we can in a narrow space, on the other side of privates smear a little massage oil containing Yilan flowers help effect, help effect is obvious.

at this time, the man can ask the assistant by getting to the seat, the seat back down, and tall men living below the best, so easy to combine, riding position position is quite feasible.

of course in the front seat of love is indeed very crowded, so you can also move to the back seat were changed. In the narrow carriage across the clothes, the passion of his skin, will get beat all the excitement.

and the car is very easy to reach the , especially the strong sense of liberation, more with the outside world through the dark glass at risk of being spies, with coke on the lotus, the sense of unease, can also is another kind of stimulation, so the car love even brief, was able to enjoy.

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