is the third. Most women will think of good memories in the past


, love


women groaned, due to a variety of complex emotions interlaced, groan is every kind of. In addition, very short is another feature of sex language, similar to the "hurry up!" "stand" this kind of words, without learning will naturally escape one’s lips, regarded as the world’s women are common language!

These pieces of

voice and language, in fact, can be seen as the women meet the way of expression. However, sound more women, not necessarily more " sexy , also not necessarily have reached the climax really concentrate in pleasure, peak, but almost silent man is still there; and be a little bit stimulation, wantonly moan of the women, but not in the minority!

two, dizzy and not frigid.

is part of the female, because of anemia, to pleasure during sexual intercourse, will appear dizziness phenomenon, this is entirely the blood down, brain hypoxia. Some people think that this is the climax of the selfless state, so if not dizzy, may be the frigidity. The idea, is ignorance.

three, sexual fantasy.

sexual intercourse, " in male, women have sexual fantasies, and most fantasy object, is the third. Most women will think of good memories in the past, men are mostly fantasy. No matter how, sexual fantasy to improve excited, seems to have a certain role.

four, not easy to simultaneous orgasm.

sexual intercourse is the greatest happiness, than the two sides also reached a climax, but in fact, this is not an easy thing. So, might as well a little optimistic, at the same time with pleasure as a rare treat! Must remind is, men must not be in the

The car hit three cars on fire

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