it is best not to use contraceptives.

the women should not eat birth control pills

1, suffering from acute, chronic hepatitis and nephritis women should not take. Because the contraceptive into the body is in the liver metabolism, excretion by the kidneys, if suffering from acute, chronic hepatitis and nephritis women use, will increase the liver, kidney burden.

2, suffering from disease or cardiac dysfunction in human heart can not use. Estrogen containing birth control pills make the body of water, substances such as sodium retention, will increase the burden on the heart.

3, women with high blood pressure should not be used. Few women after treatment can increase blood pressure.

4, with a family history of diabetes and diabetes should not be used. Since taking the pill, may cause the blood sugar elevated slightly, to become dominant hidden diabetes, resulting in adverse effects on diabetic women.

5, hyperthyroidism women, in the absence of a cure, it is best not to use contraceptives.

6, benign tumor, myoma of uterus and breast cancer patients should not use, so as to avoid the adverse effects on tumor.

7, past or present with thrombo embolic disease (such as cerebral thrombosis, myocardial infarction, vasculitis, etc.) can not be used. Female hormones in birth control pills may increase blood coagulation, increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

8, suffering from chronic headaches, especially migraine and vascular headache women should not be used, otherwise it will aggravate the symptoms.

9, the past hypomenorrhea, not the best. The long-term use of contraceptives can endometrium was shrinking, it will reduce the amount of menstruation.

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