jointly in charge of the constant brigade teach whip. At present

Card handsome Italian help being cleaning Scolari ZhouLv five assistant disui – Sohu sports Luiz Felipe Scolari and TAs and Hengda signing Hengda official announced Luiz Felipe Scolari (Sohu sports Pei force reported on June 4) Super League Round 13th Guangzhou Hengda home draw with Tianjin TEDA, after the game without any warning, Hengda Club suddenly released announcement, announce Cannavaro class, took over his is former Brazil national team and the Chelsea boss Jose Brazilian Luiz Felipe Scolari. Also the Sohu sports today from Evergrande club was informed that after signing a contract with Evergrande, Scolari has already started to prepare trip to Asia, recently arrived in Guangzhou and the team rendezvous. Currently tentatively scheduled time is in the next week he will be arrived in Guangzhou, but specific flew to date, haven’t been finalized, "this should see his preparations, and booking situation, after all, for him. This is a long journey, how to get ready for the next." Also joining the Luiz Felipe Scolari, constant brigade coach group will also exchange transfusion, Italy coach Marcello Lippi left the team will all leave, by Luiz Felipe Scolari, the Brazilian team took over, it is understood, Luiz Felipe Scolari will lead 5 of his assistants came to Guangzhou, jointly in charge of the constant brigade teach whip. At present, Hengda has signed a formal contract with Scolari’s assistant. (source: Sohu sports)

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