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7000 million + Montoya + Sabre = Pogba Barcelona this really crazy Barcelona (website data) to Pogba costly Tencent sports May 8 hearing Pogba is the summer transfer market of the most popular players, Juventus official website data) even don’t want to sell the French emperor star, but the player himself will to the contrary, so the highest bidder’s strategy is for Juve to reduce losses to a minimum the only option, which gives the opportunity to Barcelona, according to the "slow motion" news, Barcelona sent a player plus cash package chip in exchange for Paul Pogba, total price reached 1 billion euros. "Slow motion" said Barcelona in order to get Pogba costly they plan in a player plus cash to complete the transaction, and in order to make Juve by doing a deal with them, the specific transaction scheme of Barcelona is 70 million euro + Pedro and Juan Pablo Montoya’s chips in exchange for the French. The German "transfer market" for Pedro’s valuation is 20 million euros, and valuation for Montoya is 1000 million euros, is not difficult to calculate, Barcelona chip package worth 100 million euros, if Bo Geba in the price to complete the transfer, he will create world football transfer fee record. Of course, Barcelona the fastest in January 2016 to complete the Pogba deal, but not afraid of late, according to the daily sports daily news, Barcelona and even willing to loan Pogba to Juventus a season, which can also move to Serie A (micro blog title) champion. It is unclear Allegri attitude to make a bid for Barcelona, but Juventus really need such a winger Pedro and Juan Pablo Montoya can also become defensive rotation strength. As for 70 million euros in cash, money enough help the Bianconeri to introduce a good Pogba substitute. Therefore, Barcelona still has a great chance succeeded, and Real Madrid (data), Paris, Manchester United (micro blog data) will to react? (Brooke)

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