female breast, to say a big nurturing the human civilization, to say a small it is related to every female beauty. Although the shape of breast size preferences is Different people, different views. thing, but the aesthetic standards of bilateral breast symmetry is recognized as. Breast asymmetry, a "large" a "small", also became many female trouble.

breast asymmetry is not uncommon, in female patients to the hospital for chest surgery treatment, about half are troubled by this. Symmetry is the basic aesthetic requirements, but in fact whether the face, limbs or breast, there is no absolute symmetry; about 10% female breast there are visible to the naked eye obvious asymmetry.


breast asymmetry?

breast tissue during embryonic development as a small anomaly may be born, grew up in the form of morphological differences apparent. Mainly manifested as bilateral breast, nipple, areola size different, or not in the same horizontal line.

breast asymmetry caused by the abnormal embryo development is not limited to breast tissue itself, may also have been derived from the pectoralis major muscle, ribs or other chest organizational issues, lead to breast shape asymmetry.

in breast tissue of postnatal growth still by the combined effect of all kinds of hormone. Women in puberty, breast is mainly by the formation of secondary sexual characteristics of estrogen action and development; pregnancy by prolactin role will again increase and the secretion of milk. If both sides of breast tissue differences exist on the hormone sensitive breast growth, make or after breast-feeding reduced at different rates, it may also lead to asymmetry.

of course, besides the congenital factors, acquired diseases, trauma can also cause breast appearance deformity.

a small one and a large one?

in patients with breast asymmetry, many in adolescence has formed a visible asymmetry, unlike peers that often makes them self deprecation, depression, fear and to participate in social activities. Because adolescence is an important period of personality molding, breast asymmetry may on the patients life psychological social development caused serious damage.

with the increase of age, bilateral breast asymmetry for women to bring psychological pressure may lead to psychological sexual dysfunction and a series of serious problems, affect the normal life of patients and their families.

in recent years, the clinical epidemiologic data also found that breast asymmetry (especially severe deformity) increases the risk of breast cancer. Imagination and a lot of people are different, not only breast asymmetry may be the manifestation of breast carcinoma, and more likely to be "warning". The mechanism to there is no complete explanation, but estrogen metabolism abnormality and the two are closely related; also the analysis thinks asymmetry and cancer may be deleterious mutations in different breast cells reflect the different periods of.

of course, breast cancer is a common effect of many aspects of genetic, environmental and other results, breast asymmetry is just one of the numerous known risk factors, patients do not have one disaster after another, thus adding more >

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