left back hands enough

Beijing media: national security situation Jiaheng big only Austria who won who was half range champion Jinghua Times reporter Zhengnan tonight, Beijing Guoan will Guangzhou Hengda away game challenge, as the title race hosts, Hengda only "location", no "and". The team coach Scolari’s injury makes a bit anxious. After the take home court victory Tianjin, Guoan goal difference as ranked in relation with 29 points of Evergrande, ranked second. National security came to the home of the home, the two teams finally have the opportunity to face a positive confrontation, for the top of the dispute, the national security is naturally ready to do a good job. After the intermittent period of rest, before has been plagued Guoan’s injury problems has been cleared, Lei Tenglong regression, foot Zhang Chengdong discomfort with the team disui. Coach Manzano in yesterday’s pre match press conference, said: "we this time to Beijing 19 people are very good, I believe that appear in the starting lineup of players will is the best state, tomorrow we will according to your own way play a good game, pay, not because of each other to win the will to change." Compared to the national security, home to fight the Guangzhou Hengda really disabled full camp, Alan, Rene, Zhang Lin, Li Xuepeng the players need more than 30 days of recovery time, coupled with the Zheng Zhi, Zou suspended players, in the title race so pivotal game, Hengda has suffered a crisis personnel. In this regard, Luiz Felipe Scolari said "left back hands enough, Alan to 10 months to recover, Eriksson and Jin Yingquan are with the team training, but they are more than a month does not match the state should not be too good." However, for the importance of the game, Luiz Felipe Scolari is very clear, he said: "this game is also a national Derby, if who can win the words, you can win the first half champion. The advantage of such a game is not a few injuries, but who would like to get the victory from the bottom of my heart, who have more desire, so we have a injury but no disadvantage, because we are to win."

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