less than a thousand people. 3000000 the probability of producing a high quality player is certainly higher than the 1000. Therefore

Xinhua News Agency: weak front significantly the pain of women’s deep culture system into a problem – Sohu sports women’s regrets negative states Wu Haiyan Xie Chang hold high the flag Xinhua Ma Bangjie Yue Dongxing weak front has been China’s football coach Haowei headache free solution of the problem. Chinese team in the world cup 5 games, in addition to the United States team has been suppressed in a game not to create a decent chance, the other 4 games have a chance to shoot. The first match against Canada team, Chinese team at least two times to form a single opportunity, but once missed. Subsequently in the game with Holland and Cameroon, the Chinese team created a lot of opportunities, each game is only into a ball. In the football match, the coach can design an effective tactical system, but in the goal, often powerless. When Horton coaching the Chinese Olympic football team once said, the coach’s responsibility is to design tactics to create scoring opportunities, but whether the score is Sagittarius task, the coach has been unable to pre empt. More goals need players moment of genius and creative play. Such a player can only be found and cultivated by the club or the local team and sent to the national team. The national team is not a place to train a talented striker. The advantages of the Chinese women’s football is the long-term training, but the training can only optimize team’s tactical system, promote between players with tacit understanding, of shooter’s creativity and consciousness of the effect to improve the effect. China’s future even more number of training, it is impossible to cultivate a good shooter, talented striker can only come from basic level. Like Barcelona’s La Masia youth camp in Spain, known as the "quarry". It is responsible for the excavation of talented players to be polished, to cultivate their creativity and consciousness. The Spanish national team is the best player in this way. The American women’s football’s "quarry" in their school and the grass club, there are 3000000 soccer population. Chinese women’s football team is only a dozen or more closed professional team, less than a thousand people. 3000000 the probability of producing a high quality player is certainly higher than the 1000. Therefore, the Chinese women’s football in the world cup and the Olympic Games has never won the u.s.. The latter has won the two world cup and another four Olympic gold medal. The weakness of the front is not a problem for the Chinese national team training and tactics, but the problem of the whole system of personnel training. China and the U.S. team in the world cup competition is actually behind the talent training system contest. The last time in the world cup to get America team is Brazil superstar Marta be thrown into a panic. In the 2007 World Cup semi-final, she put American tower like defence a clumsy, funny puppet. Americans once secure 51 consecutive games unbeaten iron defense in front of the genius of Brazil crumble. Marta wind speed, magic like dribbling, shadowy shot, samba art football magnificent interpretation most vividly. She was in front of leisureless, suddenly left and right to America team defense struggling to cope, making 4:0 America team massacre slaughter. When China coach Domanski said: she is the one and only, China can also have their own future.

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