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let a man "docile" sex skills

ejaculation climax of a, , will atrophy penis yet, back to the erection of shape, the stimulation within a short period of time is not interested, if reluctant to stimulate him excited, but will let his antipathy.

even so, female in get along swimmingly with each other after don’t immediately fall asleep, this will make the male produces uneasiness, doubt their performance during sex is poor. So after sex there was still a need for later play. Basically is play and foreplay is not the same, foreplay is mainly in order to increase sexual excitement, then play is to ease the excitement, the expression of caring, complete spiritual satisfaction. So after the show "flirt" not necessary, as long as gently hug each other, can feel warm.

man was born with the desire to conquer the woman, to meet the man this conquest, is the best way to please men, as in love, how much to show joy excited look, the man feels a woman indulge them, will work harder, more want to demonstrate virility to please women. After lingering, also don’t forget to tell him you very happiness within or praise him great encouragement and praise, can let a man feel at ease and pride, and build self-confidence. But also can not hold too much, excessive exaggeration is will reveal the cauda equina.

love skills everyone is different, and the physical condition at the time also affects the quality of for love, so don’t take a performance and make attributive, don’t take him to compare with others, regardless of who they are didn’t like been compared >

put a woman’s feelings in the first place

: American men have numerous female, be able to understand a woman the most secret ring body and mind, expression is rich, for example: "I hope I have been watching you, love you." This scene also often occur in advance when bathing, he behind you and hold you, and let the beer sent to your lips, then, he was the beer foam, put a petal water ripples in your body, kiss your neck, let you feel he is like a bed soft blanket have you wrapped tightly, give you a sense of security. And a sense of security is a necessary prerequisite for women acquired satisfied.

Chinese man: so implicitly known, are generally not bold to express feelings, but he to you cherish all in action. He to you as the center, enjoy your beautiful underwear and

sexual foreplay selflessly tease woman estrous area

American men: when a woman may be focused on the bed to read a book or watch tv. His two fingers suddenly stretched over, gently rub on your ears, then tickling sensation came, he to the ear fossa tootle warm tone, and then sucking with his lips at the top, you feel like a feather floating up. He is very good at taking advantage of you unprepared to attack, perhaps you still lazy sleep, his lips have you corona.

Chinese men: fingers and lips started on your back estrous area swimming. Slowly, he will be more and more flexible, his tongue in your neck, ears cruising down the spine, hands, gently down, will you cover. Clever he also began to pat your hips, kiss your lips.

woman is uncomfortable, stop, he will immediately stop

American man: This was a bit difficult for American men, because he to be able to say you ready for a synonym for continued, you just wait for his torture.

Chinese man: very care out of your performance in the period of different physiological needs of different sex. Moreover, Chinese men know the ovulation period after a few days, your vaginal some dry, this several days of href= "

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