looking at the woman’s

            sex pose some simple and feasible, some too difficult, not suitable for husband and wife love , it is said, a total of 200 kinds of. For men, they like what kind of sex position?

            the following describes five called the man passionate sex position:


            position 1: normal position

the missionary position is one of the most common position. When a man is on top of a woman’s skin, looking at the woman’s face, will make a man more surging heart, body and mind can com. Of course, this position is also a lot of most women like posture, because women love, men will become more like.

position 2: riding position

in sexual love, in fact, a lot of men to see the woman’s face, that kind of feeling to see the other side produces pleasure, and riding position just to satisfy the desire inside the man. In addition, there is a woman, will achieve " climax expression, looking at the woman’s breast , will let the man have a visual enjoyment. And the man said that the position is not too much effort, it is easy to let each other meet.

love, pumping frequency will affect the sexual pleasure of both sides.

says simply: is pumping frequency is higher, and the contact in unit time, the more opportunities, which can make the central get more information in a unit of time, it is easier to stimulate the pleasure response.

when the pumping depth deeper, " women will obviously feel the glans penis and of uterine mouth contact with sexy impulse, can make the women have a completely different from the friction the pleasure of. When the pumping frequency is low, pumping with shallow degree of sexual excitement, both are weak, the sexual pleasure level corresponding lower.

to slow speed, combined with shallow insertion

Even if the

is pumping motion, not only in and out of it, it is best with a movement of change. Especially with slow speed, combined with repeated shallow insertion, can make be in excitement period of women to feeling restless, anxious, when women look forward to stronger stimulation, combined with the given depth in general, pumping and pumping depth is inversely proportional to frequency. That is, the higher the frequency of pumping, so pumping depth is more shallow.

pumping frequency per second for general 1-2 times

best tic frequency according to the foreign related data and reports, general 1-2 times per second for pumping frequency. When the pumping frequency more than 2 times per second, can be seen as a high frequency of pumping. High frequency pumping time, the general can only maintain about 2 minutes.

when the pumping frequency several seconds one time, for the low frequency pumping. Low frequency pumping is used to inhibit in male desire behavior motive value to diversity excited energy, preventing the

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