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Choosing the Right House Cleaning Service It’s no joke having to choose a house cleaning service. After all, you will be welcoming strangers into your home. You have to look at the whole experience your prospective provider can offer you and not just focus on the cost per visit. Before you decide anyone, make sure you have considered the following: Bonding and Insurance The minimum they should have are general liability, workman’s compensation and even auto insurance. The most expensive of these is workman’s compensation and it’s also the most important for you. If a worker gets injured in your property and they don’t have coverage, you won’t only be paying for their injuries, but also for lost wages. Bonding, on the other hand, is a guarantee against dishonest acts by the cleaners. A bonded company is one that more likely follows a thorough employee screening process and has a solid theft and loss prevention policy.
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Cleaning Service Guarantee
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Usually, you will not get any type of written guarantee from a house cleaner. The better providers, however, always do. Request for a copy of their guarantee or check their website where this document is usually accessible. Typically, a good guarantee means you can get a re-clean, provided you call the company within a 24-hour timeframe following the service. Assignment of Workers It is wise to choose a company that sends the same workers – at least two but preferably three – each cleaning time. This means that if anyone gets sick, the rest will have already cleaned your home before. This arrangement also works to prevent cancellations. Cleaning Products and Equipment Find a company that will provide all the cleaning products needed, including vacuums and other cleaning equipment. This means you won’t have go looking for supplies each time the cleaners run out of something. The idea is to have a hassle-free, transparent experience. You should also inquire about their cross-contamination policies. For example, they should use color coding to prevent contamination of clean surfaces. Also ask if they’re using “green” cleaning products. Employee Screening A good house cleaning service must have a reliable system for recruiting new workers. The most important part of this is performing background checks. Besides prior employment verification and reference checks, potential workers should also be evaluated based on their social security identity, motor vehicle and driving history, local and federal background, any history of drug abuse and of course, police records. Cost of the Service Of course, when all is said and done, you need to know their charges and where exactly your money’s going. This also ensures that you’re both on the same page.

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