lost 1-2 to the final. Third war

Haowei coaching review: for women’s exchange rate team into the World Cup quarter finals – Sohu sports picture story: rose in full bloom Hao Weishu thumb news that Haowei will resign from the position of Chinese women’s football coach, as Guangzhou Hengda reserve team coach. Haowei in March 2013 formally as the Chinese women’s football coach, led the team to the women’s Asian Cup 2014, 2014 Incheon Asian Games and 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup competition, his performance has also been widely recognized. Haowei was born on December 27, 1976 in Shandong Zibo, his players in the age of Shandong Luneng, Shaanxi Guoli, Beijing Guoan and Changsha gold Germany team potency, was also elected to the Olympic national football. October 12, 2009, Hao Wei served as deputy manager of the Changsha team, Hao Wei, aged 33 years old, has become the youngest coach. January 6, 2012, Hao Wei served as assistant coach of the Chinese women’s football, in March 2013, Hao Wei was the right to serve as the main coach of the Chinese women’s football. Hao Wei served as coach of the Chinese women’s football, women’s football is at a low stage. Chinese women’s football World Cup, the 2011 women’s World Cup, and the 2012 London Olympic Games the two competitions, this also makes Hao Wei bear the pressure. Haowei served as the Chinese women’s football coach period, the team performance is acceptable, and women’s football is in his office, gradually completed the new old alternant. Women’s football World Cup in China, is composed of young players. Hao Wei helped China women realize this is a big shake, Hao Wei made any achievements. Hao Wei served as coach, the rate of Chinese women’s football team in the 2014 women’s Asian Cup, 2014 Asian Games and the 2015 women’s football World Cup in Inchon three. The 2014 women’s Asian Cup, Hao Wei also served as Chinese during the women’s football coach, led the team in the first contest. Chinese team during the group stage, Thailand 7-0, 3-0 win over Myanmar, a 0-0 draw against South Korea, with South Korea also made two wins and a draw product record of 7 points, because the goal difference less than Tai Chi tiger, also make women’s row in the second group qualify. In the semi-final, China team in the face of the Japanese, 122nd minutes by rival Juesha, lost 1-2 to the final. Third war, the Chinese team, with a 2-1 victory over South Korea. The tournament runner up, and also have the qualification for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015. The 2014 Incheon Asian Games will period, Chinese women’s football in the group stage 0-0 draw against Japan, 4-0 victory over Chinese Taipei, 5-0 win over Jordan, achieved 2 wins and 1 draws product record of 7 points, because less than the Japanese team goal difference, in the second outlet. 14 finals, China team lost 0-1 to the North Korean team missed the semi-finals, creating the worst record Chinese women’s Asian Games campaign. The Asian Games eight out, Hao Wei had to resign after the game. Eight years after the Chinese women’s football, women’s football World Cup to qualify for the world cup. The world cup, the performance of the Chinese women’s football team to a fresh feeling, young players to give priority to Chinese women are afraid of strong opponents, the courage to fight the spirit is also left a deep impression to the person. China team group stage opener, because of a controversial penalty, lost 0-1 to the Canadian team, the first)

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