lower risk of breast cancer

breast cancer is invisible killer of female health, have gone beyond the uterine cervical cancer, become the most commonly occurring cancer in women. However, there is "big easy to suffer from breast cancer breast" many people’s wrong cognition, thought that the occurrence of breast cancer with chest size, large easily breast cancer breast. Experts stressed that, regardless of the "energy-saving" or "Princess Taiping", are independent and breast cancer.

get rid of the wrong thinking first regular inspection

breast surgeon Su Zhiming pointed out, the Oriental female breast tissue is small in Europe and America, but the incidence of breast cancer and breast size have positive relationship; people often think breast smaller, lower risk of breast cancer, or think, breast high, relatively large area, more chance of breast cancer, or women think, young, cancer can’t find the door, however, these are misconceptions.


has no necessary connection with chest size of breast cancer, while breast developed may increase breast cancer diagnosis is difficult, but only through the observation of breast size, can not speculate the future risk of breast cancer, especially the Furu size, will not cause the risk of breast cancer, don’t because chest Furu, or cup is small, do not go to breast cancer screening, cause breast cancer prevention loopholes.

breast cancer of young careful family genetic

Dr. Su Zhiming emphasized, the average age of onset of breast cancer in women in the 45 to 49 years old, and 60 to 65 years of double peak, the former age women’s groups, just as a career and family work period, plus the increase women’s occupation, long hours and stress, lack of exercise, diet westernization, plus the late marriage is not even willing to nursing of patients with breast cancer, will cause more and more.

breast cancer with hereditary, outpatient service often found, most breast cancer patients are pain felt a lump or wear underwear, only to see a doctor, then mostly in the 2 period, may have to resection of breast. If women carry out monthly breast self examination, regularly every year to see a doctor, should be early detection of breast cancer.

discovered early treatment of breast cancer with high survival rate of 9 to

fact, breast cancer if found early, early treatment, the cure rate is very high, from 2006 to 2010 newly diagnosed breast cancer stage survival rate display, 0 to 1 period case 5 years survival rate is as high as 95%, high survival rate and the second period had 88.7% to fourth period, but if only now, treatment of survival rate of only 24%.

reminds female friend, busy, don’t forget to pay attention to health, regular screening, regular exercise, every 5 Vegetable & Fruit, to effectively reduce the female’s disease threats, if there is a family history of breast cancer high risk group, then the screening age can advance to the age of 40.

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