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Chi Mei Medical Center Director of women in obstetrics and Gynecology urology Wu Mingbin points out, the rules of the menstrual period, endometrial? From hormones fluctuation by law the regulation of menstrual period, usually? For about 28 days, from 21 days to 35 days between all normal menstrual period 1 times, an average of about 4 days, more than 7 days is not normal, but if the blood volume of 1 cycles if more than 80c.c. is excessive.

Menstrual disorder

easy   be careful of uterine lesions

clinic, abnormal uterine bleeding has many kinds of forms, like less, menses, excessive menstrual time is too long, or non menstruation bleeding are, and non bleeding during menstruation, many possible causes, including tumor hyperplasia, hormonal imbalance, reproductive tract lesions, infection, coagulopathy, or with various situations related to pregnancy.

in particular, Jiuzhi not? The menstrual disorders, is an all ages women have gynecological problems may occur, and is very common, but if it is bleeding during non menstrual cancer causing, species to see cancer and decide, if abnormal bleeding associated with cancer, uterine cancer is most in need of inner membrane to worry about, because there is a rising trend year by year in China, and associated with high fat diet.

  in endometrial lesions; easy to menstrual disorders

Dr. Wu Mingbin emphasized, in Taiwan in early endometrial cancer less than ovarian cancer, but the impact of reduction in recent years in the diet of westernization and fertility, increasing trend existing in endometrial carcinoma. Risk factors for endometrial cancer has not formed: Women’s fertility, infertility and menstrual flow, menopausal ages’ (greater than 52 years), obesity, diabetes or hypertension.

note, endometrial cancer occur in women after menopause, menopause and the malignancy of the tumor, with age, and in patients with endometrial carcinoma, 90% meet? There is abnormal vaginal bleeding, so without the use of any hormonal conditions, if there is bleeding, irregular menstruation abnormal menopause and after menopause, should identify the reasons for immediate treatment.

gynecological cancer screening tool for   the mirror is easy to diagnosis of

especially in the face of gynecological cancer screening, preliminary can use ultrasound examination, and uterine mirror like uterine endoscopy, is the latest weapon in recent years the diagnosis of endometrial cancer, uterine endoscopy can not only determine the location and scope of lesions, but also can do a biopsy to endoscopic, makes the endometrium, the meat? Uterus myoma of uterus and the endometrium cancer diagnosis, more easily determined.

mirror can be divided into diagnosis and operation type, according to the material and can be divided into hard and soft. The soft uterine mirror small diameter, can be arbitrarily bending, if the patient can accept, no anesthesia, no need of hospitalization, check to go home. While the uterus mirror hard is anesthesia, to reduce patient discomfort, also can make diagnosis and operation.



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