may cause adverse extrusion of breast.

although not girls for breasts dream of, but in the eyes of experts, the judgment of breast bodybuilding and not standard can not only lies in the "size".

so, what is the Oriental female breast standards? Experts said that the Oriental in 15 is a 18 year old woman following the normal breast standard:

(1) breast should be located in the chest second ~ 6 between the ribs, attached to the sides of the pectoralis major muscle fascia, margin of the sternum and the anterior axillary line;

(2) the nipple should highlight. Slightly outward side, in fourth to 5 intercostal level;

(3) the nipple to the suprasternal notch distance of 18-24 cm distance or sternal midline 9-12 cm, 18-24 cm distance between two nipple, areola diameter 3.5 ~ 4.5 cm.

experts point out that, in addition to medical gives the breast "normal data beauty", in the form of visual effect, normal East breast should be "tender, soft, Qiao", from the health point of view, more attention should be paid to the breast shape and flexibility, but not too rigidly adhere to the size.

holds the best breast puberty period:

experts said, in addition to individual operation means, through appropriate adjustment, can create a chest DIY. "The development of the chest in addition to relate with genetic, dietary structure, rules and reasonable rest system and good spirits are related."

female exactly when proper care can promote breast development? The expert points out, from the female age stage, development stage (puberty) began to maintenance the best, in a period of growth and development of the breast, if combined with maintenance can reflex stimulation of breast full development.

at the same time, the expert reminds, although the proper massage can promote the secretion of female hormones, helps the local blood circulation, but will not achieve the desired effect, and if the massage strength is undeserved, may cause adverse extrusion of breast.

experts recommend "breast Jiapin"

papaya: Jianpi Xiaoshi role, papain help breast development.

: contains protein, lecithin, soybean isoflavone of rich nutrients, help breast development, especially estrogenic soy protein soybean isoflavones can act on the hypothalamus pituitary ovarian axis (gonads) female endocrine regulation system, so that the increased development of breast tissue.

wolfberry: experiments have shown that use the medlar boiled condensed liquid to ovariectomized rats by gavage for 5 weeks, results show that wolfberry has lipid-lowering effect obvious, also can reduce due to decreased estrogen levels caused by atrophy of uterus.

research shows that the effective components of ginseng: Ginseng gonadotropic hormone like effect of ginseng saponins, it can make the anterior pituitary gonadotropin (FSH and LH) release increased, thus conducive to the development of breast.

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