most attract audience eye is a pair of women’s boxing

Chinese female boxer IBF brave a boxing a player overweight is sentenced to negative – Sohu sports on 7 August afternoon 14:30 in the Shangri La Hotel in Beijing, organized by 2015 IBF Chinese professional boxing League Division Beijing ranked match game 6 at the opening of a piece of colorful lights. Tonight in the boxer age is too small, first is 55 kg class 122 pound super bantamweight competition, the appearance is from oron boxing club horse without worry and Acoma international Bo hit training base Liu delige day call, Ma Wu worry somewhat immature, handsome face permanent far full of smile, Liu Delger, call physical quality is very good, but a horse without worry will occupy the field initiative, in the first round on TKO opponent wins. In Game 6 of the ranking tournament, most attract audience eye is a pair of women’s boxing, they are Liu Fei Ji world boxing club ting with oron boxing club, who said women than men, this sentence put in IBF China game really is again appropriate nevertheless. IBF match China’s female boxer who holds the fierce, in this afternoon’s game, Liu Fei and Zhang Ting confrontation won the applause of the audience. Finally, there is the experience of the IBF China 37:39,39:37,37:39 Liu Fei to win the final victory. The ranking tournament also appeared on a did not play will decide the outcome of the game, this is 61 kg level 135 pounds lightweight against, the two sides are oron boxing club he di from of war in Acoma international Bo hit the training base of the Liu Zhengyu Liu Zhengyu because before being overweight and in both parties to negotiate the fruitless circumstances, in accordance with the international rules of the IBF is judged he di for the winner. IBF China’s professional boxing League this year will be held in nearly a hundred games, while in the game will follow the international rules, so that the real fair and just, for the development of China’s boxing to make due contribution.

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