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"Small three" scenery positive infinity favor is injured for a genuine giant slightly awkward editing her reported finals in full swing, the so-called knight a phenomenal new big three heady. In this case, it’s hard not to think of another question. The original plan of genuine big three knights, except for James, the two people are now doing what? Shinco heady giant Carrefour (micro-blog) of course, Carrefour is injured. Since the first round of the playoffs by the Celtics player Ollie Nick snapping shoulder injury, Carrefour has been in the playoffs. However, the environment is not good due to injury. The most important thing is not pure, the ears. This is not, in the finals of the total score 2 to 1 after the lead, the discussion of the future of the knight and the knight will be moved on the table. "Objectively speaking, both ends and not Le Fu players." ESPN columnist Zach · Lowe said rudely. Not only that, Lowe was "belated", he felt, if not because the knight with show champion Wiggins for Le Fu, "I’m afraid after the team nor necessary and Knicks traded incense Alpert and J.R. Smith the. After all, in the front position, Wiggins’s talent is higher, with Wiggins Knight will be more promising. As for the lack of experience, Wiggins had the most worried about the lack of experience, is not so important. Because James has proved to the world, no happiness, no Erwin, he is also enough to bring the team into the finals, even with a higher level of." And those who had to love mind moving over the team, now really Qiexi, the deal without forming. Which includes the coach of the warriors in the finals against the general. "At that time, the wolf put forward two kinds of trading scheme. One is based on Thompson, the other is based on Green." "I didn’t mean to be happy," said Adams, the assistant coach for the team’s defence." Erwin and the new season to join the new yue fu, the same injury can not play the finals of the Drew uncle situation is better. However, after a knee injury and surgery, Erwin’s concern about the injury was written in the face of local and American reporters. Perhaps for this reason, Erwin had to be on crutches during the finals in the news conference site. "My knee has always been good." He said, although some people say that this injury recovery will be a risk. But it does not exist for me. I believe in my body, I believe the doctor, my trainer. So, everything will be fine, and there will be no problem." Erwin said, even now, he did not dare to recall the case of the injured, because the scene is too scary." But the reality is so, which makes Erwin can only sit on the bench watching his teammates to work hard. The taste is not good, but Erwin also said that he is very proud of his teammates. Perhaps, this is why, he will be in his arm additions to the one named friend (F· R· I· E· N&mid.

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