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Legend praised the Lakers this summer operation confidence Zijin corps into the playoffs – Sohu sports Jamal Wilkes Beijing time on August 9, according to a report in the Los Angeles Lakers nation, although for the Lakers this summer to the squad were a certain degree of reinforcement, but in the increasingly fierce competition in the west to reached the playoffs or some of the difficulties. But the Lakers legend Jamaal Wilkes this is full of confidence. He also praised the team’s management and the draft and trading. "I know the Lakers last season 21 wins and 61 of the negative record, for the team is tough, very tough, you know, which can be not past that shook the Alliance for the Lakers the," Wilkes said in an interview. "I am confident that the general manager Kupchak, also for the bath family I am confident. We have to understand that the team once had a great boss in the sports world. Now that his children are going through a period of adjustment, I think Jim – bath will work hard to learn the experience and he is doing it." Wilkes understand that the Lakers are going through a new and old boss to turn the adjustment period, after all, the old bath for the Lakers this team, for the city of Losangeles, and even for the entire NBA has a great significance. "Kupchak and Russell have made the best choices for the Lakers, and I think they have made the best choice," Wilkes continued. "And offseason this summer they do several transactions have been very successful, now everything is ready, they must to go all out to play, I think they have a great chance of next season and the playoffs." With Randall’s return from injury, the Lakers is undoubtedly very talented, and center Hibbert, striker Brandon bass and shooting guard Louis Williams, Wilkes on the prospects of the Lakers so optimistic is understandable. Although we can’t be sure that these players will be able to form a good chemical reaction, but there is no doubt that the strength of the team has improved over the last season. The coaching staff will certainly think of ways to get the players to play as soon as possible, but it’s a young player who plays a part of the team. (Yi Meng)

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