of ovarian function

stir out flavor never than simmered to flavor. Dear time like lip stick glass, licking time like dust to the antique, feel the time was like to burn hand painted cream……

      we certainly know the woman breast has how temptation for you, but this time to give your suggestion is still: don’t worry.

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in short film slow shot speed command your mouth, tongue, hands, it will make her skin becomes sensitive

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into a charming bed beauty


before she did not take the initiative to straighten the tempting chest to touch them; she did not take hold of your hand on his legs before between only stayed in her waist and belly. Well, if you think you even do not have to let her to high tide, but the difference between the master and you in here: they can let a woman become a resign oneself to adversity customs million species of bed beauty.

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ultimate foreplay tipsStrip

not at once she is not only for slow and slow. Leave that small vest her personal; or take off her stockings and high-heeled shoes; in fact, even if it is only left over a necklace and two earrings, is enough to make you excited to the extreme.

and have a sense of restraint, these clothes and ornaments, will greatly stimulate her physical and mental sexy valve.
much against her breast, around two rib, the clavicle and the neck of these parts work under, until she was unable to hold oneself back to your hands to his chest!

of course, for a real MH man, if only to fondle tease can call love you! As long as the time is ripe turn, you can try a male very masculine way: catch hair, press and hold the wrist, shoulder, pressed even spanked are no problem, it also makes her feel great stimulus.

the first one: to take in everything in a glance of



1 the woman first side lies, and then to the side of the elbow support the upper body or head, one leg close plane straight, another leg is happy to lift the legs straight open.

2 the man to the woman’s close to the ground plane across the lap, inside of her body. And hold the woman raised her thighs, thighs or make the woman the man on the shoulder pillow.

3 the man can two people needed to adjust the opening angle, the woman’s thighs.

is difficult to index: 7.

unless you are practicing family, or try to raise a leg up to a minute, Ma also acid.

pleasure index: 3.

is composed of men take the initiative, and because of the woman’s legs open and enter, feel to dissipate quickly, quickly.

seductive index: 8.

this action by the man holds woman thigh grinding ah rub, seems to south central recently popular steel tube show oh! () if women leg grease

health index: 10.

of ovarian function, lift left leg to improve constipation, lift the right leg and improve diarrhea phenomenon; male enhancement waist hip, in view of the bladder, the prostate the functional improvement.

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