often to the left psychological shadow

when two people get along, appropriate to say something "little lies", can make the men to coax the elated, let him more devotion to you. What "little lies" can let your love warming? Take a look at.

I accept all your

who do not want their boyfriend muscles, face, talented and personable? But we all know that this man is hard to find, and asked him to change, better to accept his real face, tell him you love him, love his beer belly snoring and tell him that you appreciate his all, his weakness is his the characteristics, so that two people don’t care about each other whether perfect criterion, not very easy?

I love you buddy

you don’t like her boyfriend’s buddies, hate it when they talk, hate they take up boyfriend of the time, but if you’re in front of her boyfriend to criticize them, he’ll think you’re picky and not to his face, think you don’t agree with his friendship and loyalty, so no matter how uncomfortable, do not say, anyway you and her boyfriend together, always have to learn to get along with them, first pretend to like them, and then quietly with your schedule out of his buddies and time together.

let me take care of youNine out of ten of

man is lazy, so when they started dating to show your thoughtfulness, will remove their heart, sensible to say: I’ll help you do the housework and pretend like appearance, let he gradually became accustomed to the existence of you, come to depend on you, and then slowly developing his own do housework, urging him to wash my socks.

I love you family

not everyone can meet good parents, and her boyfriend’s family together again how uncomfortable, don’t tell him you don’t like, it may be too hurt his feelings. Smart daughter-in-law do: to treat his family to meet less, more gifts. Tell him you love his family, will try my best to avoid you because of the conflict and family, to meet the time lock in the birthday or holiday.

you are right

your boyfriend know much, but also some lord it over others, talk of everything under the sun with you ten of the total to a comparison, on the road suddenly increase the volume, not hurt the important essentials to some problems can be unwise to quarrel, the smart woman will give her boyfriend face, coax him: "you are right, said makes a lot of sense" this only a temporary retreat, because you know that one day will make him lose be sincerely convinced.

I don’t mind if you look at other women.

when his men staring at other women to see, his girlfriend how much will be some not the taste? At this time and the woman kicked or will boyfriend head turn back scold your meal, not lying to him: "I don’t mind if you look at other women." If he is too white eye, so you and he together, is exaggerated with the road to strafe around the sportsman, he will see convergence.

women like a man coax, in fact, for a man, by his own woman coax as let him heart flower angry >

filed a sex life, a lot of people think of sexual intercourse, in fact the couple’s sex life and not only refers to sexual intercourse, any form of physical contact, including kissing, hugging and touching the body, touch the sex organs and the woman’s breast can give both pleasure behaviors can be called life.



touch both as a stage in life, or as a sex independent in sexual life occupies an important position. In particular, showing a unique charm in the non coital sex life, but in real life, caress often ignored. In the couple of psychosomatic than tired, after completing the process of sexual intercourse, can make the body more fatigue, often to the left psychological shadow, then warm caress, can quickly eliminate physical and mental fatigue, refreshing.

in the mutual touch, the couple both to choose each other like manner, and accompanied by dear do language transfer voice and love, so that the two sides be physical pleasure and enjoyment of emotion. Caress should avoid any interference, not to talk about and love has nothing to do, was to enjoy each other’s affection and emotion experience. Caress in addition to quiet in the environment, should be carried out in the soft, warm light, the couple can see each other every part of the body, but also can realize the change of their expression. Some couples are not accustomed to the naked, can wear relatively thin underwear, and then gradually transition to the naked. You can also touch each other in take a shower, often exceeding one’s expectations effect. In general, if you don’t want to further, don’t touch the sex organs and the sensitive parts. Caress posture with both sides feel comfortable, touch convenience. Start to hand when you can kiss and caress each part of the body with the lips, as long as pay attention to cleanliness, any part of the body can be touched, without any taboo. The couple to communicate feeling with the kind of language, their eyes and gestures. If one party feel unwell should stop touch touch. Time of each stroke duration and touch a part of ongoing, according to each other’s feelings and desires and decide, the shorter it’s only for a few minutes, sometimes lasting 1 hours or longer. Touch in the process, the couple used explicit language exchange their feelings, also should be mutually know each other like or didn’t like what kind of touch. Touch can make couples build confidence and increased intimacy to add more fun to life.

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