poisonous weeds&quot

breast cancer in China is the number one killer in women, age incidence in common, the incidence is 5%, that is to say, from 40 years old to 55 years old, 20 women in one patient. Breast cancer is very slow cancer growth, initiation from breast cancer cells, it normally takes 1 to 5 years to grow into a palpable tumor.

if detected early, can be in the spread of tumors before operation excision of breast lumps, breast conserving operation is. Breast conserving operation in Europe and the United States account for about half of the operation of breast cancer in Japan, breast conserving treatment acceptance rate has reached 40%, while China’s breast conserving treatment acceptance rate is less than 10%. The early detection of breast cancer in women living in the rate of 95%, and in many cases also does not mean the removal of the entire breast.

treatment of breast cancer, operation, chemotherapy and other choice except?

1, do breast conserving operation is safe before breast cancer worry about postoperative stay "positive edge" can also cause a relapse, had to do a total mastectomy operation. But now the preoperative use of imaging techniques will lesions imaging, can see a clear outline of the tumor, and the arc-shaped positioning line is placed before surgery to determine the extent of resection operation, and pathological examination of resection margins during operation, thus greatly reducing the rate of positive boundary, increases the safety of breast conserving operation.

The treatment of the first order

2, operation is the treatment of breast cancer in the current treatment for cancer cells, systemic metastasis is the most important content, sometimes the first operation may also delay the best opportunity for systemic therapy. Preoperative chemotherapy means can reduce the tumor, and then the operation increases the chance to retain the breast.

3, radiotherapy is not "poisonous weeds" radiotherapy because of serious complications, often make people avoid incessantly. In fact, radiotherapy is the third major means of treatment for breast cancer, although strong cytotoxicity, but it can be quickly, directly kill cancer cells, plays an important role in preventing the spread of local cancer cells.

4, can be directly to the estrogen administration I age of onset of breast cancer in lower than abroad, so estrogen stimulation is the main factor, endocrine therapy is more effective in our country. The therapy of drug taking can inhibit estrogen synthesis or affect its role, which will control for hormone dependent tumor growth.

5, breast cancer can also not operation for a few early detection of cancer cells, the use of chemotherapy can sometimes eliminate tumor, need not operation. There is a monoclonal antibody therapy, play the role of directly targeting HER2 positive breast cancer patients.

of the therapy used a technique called antibody Herceptin, it can distinguish between "the enemy", to promote cancer cell division and growth inhibition of epidermal growth factor (HER2), accurate attack tumor cells, but has no effect on normal cells, thus less toxicity and side effect. However, this method has more advantages as adjuvant therapy, can be used for both early and advanced breast cancer, after 1 to 2 years can make the breast cancer recurrence risk reduction of 46% ~ 52%. >

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