postpartum milk liquid

to the nursing baby, if feel breast not expanded, sparse or no milk, or breast-feeding was normal, after the reduction in milk, then you most likely suffering from postpartum hypogalactia. At this point the breast can be no discomfort, pain may also have a sense of, or associated with breast agglomeration.

1, found that less milk must be treated as soon as possible, generally within half a month after giving birth a better therapeutic effect.

2, remain optimistic, relaxed mood, to have the law of life, sleep should be sufficient.

3, strengthen nutrition, avoid over greasy.

4, to develop good nursing habits, as soon as possible to the baby feeding, regular breast-feeding, breast side after the other side suction suction, if the breast does not suck air, or after breast-feeding still feel breast pain, should be redundant milk out of or using a breast pump suction.

Expert opinion

normally, simple drug therapy is just based on mood, increase nutrition and breast-feeding using reasonable methods, often can make the treatment of postpartum hypogalactia multiplier.

postpartum milk liquid

when not lactating milk, natural outflow, but the amount of milk because of too little, is often not sufficient to feeding the baby, called postpartum galactorrhea. The majority of patients with breast discomfort, a few may have pain, drop one or both sides of the nipple and breast milk, the wet clothes.


1, in a baby before birth are advised to strengthen nutrition, pay attention to rest, reasonable arrangement diet.

2, the mood should be stable, optimistic and cheerful, avoid quarrels, anger etc..


[expert opinion

occurred since the milk out, should treat actively, at the same time, wash clothes, a small towel or gauze pad, bra in in a timely replacement, clean and dry to keep the nipple and areola of breast milk, avoid soaking the skin, eczema or inflammation.

cracked nipple

most of the nipple and areola neck broken, can also be extended to the areola. Because the tit is milk white pus sample macerated can cause ulcers and flushing the surface erosion, the mama in lactation unbearable pain, such as a knife cuts. Sometimes the split is deep, can cause bleeding, or tear secretion in dry scab, caused by dry pain. Because the nipple is broken, or because of the pain, my mother would not give the baby feeding, or milking not squeeze the milk clean, easy to cause local inflammation, and even the formation of acute mastitis, also can cause infant diarrhea or pseudo black stool.


1, in the cracked nipple, should first stop sucking baby directly, so as to avoid prolonged does not heal, or even worse, causing infantile diarrhea or pseudo black stool.

2 for mild symptoms, maternal, can besmear medicine after lactation, lactation before wipe, inhaler suck the milk feeding.

3, but if you see the milk with pus yellow, not feeding baby. >

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