pre menstrual breast pain

from the hospital to understand breast disease, more than 85% of the women in his life will have breast pain experience, and different stages of pain hidden problems are not the same. Puberty, menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth, have a look these symptoms do you have?

Puberty breast pain, don’t worry about

just blew out the 11 candles Liu, a few months to always feel a slight pain, little girl quietly told the mother. "How so small children still ache?" mother is very nervous, quickly took the child to the hospital breast disease hang a zhuanguhao.

the doctor examined Liu’s chest after the said with a smile: "this is the adolescent breast pain, breast is mature signs, not the disease, do not need treatment, generally to after menarche will disappear, do not worry too much about."

but experts also remind, if the phase of the female breast lumps, there may be breast fibroma, need to go to hospital for treatment.

pre menstrual breast pain, there may be a proliferation of

"to come every time menstruation will bulge uncomfortably, stiff, and touch ache." The 24 year old Xiao Xiagang teacher, went to the hospital to come. Told her professor at Qingdao hospital breast disease expert Tian Zhe examined carefully: "you belong to the symptoms of premenstrual breast pain, don’t be nervous, in fact, about half of the women have such symptoms."

it is understood, some 20 to 30 year old women, every arrive before the onset of menstruation, appear breast pain. Light breast distending pain, stiff, tenderness, the person that weigh by slight shock (such as running) or collision is unbearable pain.

experts remind, premenstrual breast pain can not be ignored, there may be breast hyperplasia disease. The pain degree of hyperplasia of mammary glands with menstrual cycle changes regularly: premenstrual exacerbation, menstruation after remission. The other is as a lump in the breast, hyperplasia tumor size will vary over the menstrual periodically change.

during pregnancy, postpartum, abortion after breast pain, the tumor was found to immediate removal of

in addition to appear before and after puberty and menstruation breast pain, an important period of pregnancy after also breast distending pain. However, Tian zhe expert said: "after entering the pregnant women, breast will change this is normal physiological responses. At about 40 days of pregnancy, breast increases gradually, and the emergence of breast distending pain. The pain usually lasts for 3 to 4 months, slightly focus can be sustained throughout pregnancy, of course, some people will feel the pain obviously.

encountered such a situation, can be used to compress or massage to solve, generally do not need treatment." However, during this period to be especially careful, once found breast fibroids, must be immediately removed. Experts said: "many patients have a misunderstanding, think to find out what symptoms during pregnancy can not cure, be afraid influence the children in the stomach.

often, wait to go to the tumor growth opportunities. So, once found breast neoplasms, >

male and female sexuality is different, the man with the growth of age, sexual desire is reduced; and the woman with the growth of age, sexual desire increases. For young men, even if only to see a woman’s bra will erect. But for 35 years after the men, in the face of his wife’s body will not react. With respect to sex, he is more concerned about his wife’s kiss and caress. So, for the 35 year old man, to live through sex life? Below, teach you five little skill, let your life and never stop.

1, try innovative

between husband and wife get along with time increasing, understand each other, know and trust, make you no longer ashamed to discuss how to obtain more satisfactory sexual life. So, after age 35, when both were already familiar with each other, might as well learn some new methods to solve old problems from a new point of view. For example, the couple with the bath, do not feel uncomfortable, this is a very normal thing, can promote each other’s sex life, let the better.

2, adjust the speed of

we have young, young people’s sexual behaviour we have had, it is a kind of rapid and intense feeling, easily excited, and immediately burst out like gunpowder. More than 20 year old sex began after 2-3 minutes to achieve high tide, and his wife but may need more than 20 minutes to reach a high degree of excitement. So often appear when the wife is gradually entering blissful circumstances, but her husband has died down situation.

survey shows that, in their twenties wedding women’s is the most difficult to achieve the

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