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in marriage, husband and wife two people sex life after the sweet and passion of newly married period, will become dull, no passion. So, need a hint to stimulate each other’s sexual desire in sexual life, let him on the night of sex full of fantasy and impulse.

suggests a: lunch box of love

now commuters at noon with rice is not on the outside to buy lunch, if you want to female night, can give Mr. ready at noon for lunch, with Egg cakes or seaweed, or other materials to make a heart type " ". Opened his lunch in the office, see the " " heart; type, knew that tonight I have to go home early to exercise.

suggested two:

sexy underwear

this is very suitable for families with children, in the night after dinner, if you love begins, but in front of the children have no way of Ming said. So prepare established between a couple of sexy underwear in a bathrobe to take a shower. Sir see this pair of underwear, you know that tonight non trying not to be.

suggested three: a deep bow

this etiquette while now is not so popular, however, you can use in between your sexual life, to imply that you want. For example, for example, if you want, you can in the husband to go out to work, a deep bow. If the other person doesn’t say words, can ask.

suggested four: plush toys

This implies that the

is suitable for the elderly who live and a family. In this family, mother-in-law daughter-in-law the every act and every move is naturally more love, more worried about demand excessive physical and mental loss let the son daughter-in-law. You should want to recruit, a pair of cloth toys placed in the living room, if together, it must have good tonight, if separated, you must honestly.

suggested five: become sloppy

if the usual life you are a delicate woman, very focused on their own personal image. But if you want to cause the attention of men, can suddenly become dirty, sumianchaotian, even basic care are >

speaking of good degree of sex , we in the continuous effort is also can use up a view of perfect sex idea, that is "perfect sex is not immutable and frozen, changing the techniques it is the source of the perfect sex".

with this point of view, in order to we can also enjoy the perfect sex, quickly Xiaobian together will have mastered "Doggy Style" sex skills "change" look!

variant 1: vertical chest

It sounds like

in this way is easier to imagine the sex scenes. Woman riding on man body, back to the man. At this time the women’s body to lean forward, then let your chest toward the ground, some women even like cling to men’s legs, to control the angle of insertion.

if the adjustment well, so this kind of feeling is not love to give the other way. The woman can do with his legs back and forth to man, and man can use hand to hold up the hips slightly woman to help her movement.

variant 2: seat type

in the sexual season, we can even everything in bed for our perfect sexual love gas help! So, can of course be nothing difficult chair.

for those who because of some accident or disease cause man action is not flexible, this is a good way to. The man is sitting in a chair, the woman sitting like in the thigh is sitting in a chair like that.

her back should be on the man’s chest. All tasks are now given to the woman, but it is not difficult to do the required. As long as the hand’s help, her legs can tight or slow motion.

Variant 3: fish type

the rear entry and in front of two slightly different, this is the main way of lateral position in bed. If overlooking the two individual sex position of words, you will find, two figure is like two fish swimming as where passion lingering.

Both men and women over the same

face to, lie on your side, in the woman behind the man. Man can slightly bend make insertion easier. This way both parties are closer, is one of the perfect love way.

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