Seth curry before 10 shots only 1

The first section: fouls he Tianju 2 penalty in the pelican sun 26-15 [playback] Sun vs pelican, the first section of the He Tianju fell to the ground scraping against intense loading. & lt; & gt; sports Tencent July 20 news Las Vegas Summer League semi-final match, Chinese players He Tianju where Pelican a pelican and sun confrontation, after the first section of the contest Pelican 26-15 lead. Seth curry as the pelican cut 7 points, He Tianju in the period of the first festival coming off the bench, a long shot shot failed to hit. The foul line 2 points. He Tianju flying to rush the ball in a field with the warriors of the quarter finals, Seth curry before 10 shots only 1, pelican is by virtue of the overall play to turn the tide of the battle. The opening Jones as the pelican continuous goal, the summer league to field averaging 25 points

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