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            Ying Ru [alias] said: "my boyfriend and I love always let me go into ecstasies. Except he can bring wild climax, the main or because the kind of sustained pleasure and not with the climax is over… His most loved in the climax after touch me gently, let me cool, and then to hold me in my sleep."

          many lovers know how in love time, sharply mattress joint swaying, creaking, but they may not understand how the intimacy continued to heat insulation in the "after the climax".

          continuous curved after sexual love: snuggle embrace, chat, play, or go one more time, are promotesensation coup. There are a variety of play in the official before battle, at best is only help you in bed more easily to be flung to the four winds’ gone with the wind. But what to do after sex? This is ignored by most people. Here are four excellent Zenana strokes, both of you may wish to personally feel: what can the difference after the climax.

1: play close gadgets

after making love, but you have full of energy; with high spirit? If you have excess energy but not to play again, might as well to a passion of small game, but also let both the intimacy to strive for further improvement. You can play with him "bubble bath battle of the sexes" so fierce enough to cover second times the feeling of love. If you are like most people do not have ready-made soap water, there are other ways to vent your excess energy. For example, in the bath add a little oil of sandalwood, to him and you take a bath, or hit a pillow fight, or put on some music, a naked dance. That’s not enough, to play more sensational Kitchen: feed him to eat a juicy strawberry, a soulful look at his eyes, as long as men will feel excited. You can even impromptu staged a "love you": nine and a half weeks blindfolded him, tease his taste, let him guess you feed him is what.

plus tips if you he had to play some games will feel excited, try scratching it. But your man if regarded as dangerous if itching, you’d better give up.

2: feel each other’s breath

face the reality! Man is not whisper pealing flirting caress how ecstasy, but this does not mean that he didn’t like comfortably lying beside you, and your whole night together. So, even if you do it when the man is always a pair of Yuxian to death, Suma weak appearance, to maintain a certain degree of physical contact in fact will continue his satisfaction. From the excitement of ejaculation climax when he came back, you can

short, lobular hyperplasia is a common disease of breast, should be regular follow-up, symptoms should be given appropriate treatment, follow-up should pay attention to and breast carcinoma.

of breast lobular hyperplasia is caused by a common symptoms of breast disease of breast, breast lobular hyperplasia disease incidence rate is high, most women may suffer from breast lobular hyperplasia. There are many causes of breast lobular hyperplasia is generated, the main reason lies in the endocrine disorders or mental emotional factors. Female estrogen in the body too much, not decomposition, leading to endocrine disorders, may also induce breast cancer.

of breast lobular hyperplasia is neither inflammation nor tumor, is the normal breast tissue physiological tissue hyperplasia and subinvolution caused confusion, expression is associated with the menstrual cycle breast distending pain, also can have ill defined mass, usually with the menstrual cycle changes subsided.

this is a kind of common disease, women with 70%-80% have had. General symptom is not apparent without treatment for pain, more severe patients may be appropriate medication under the guidance of the physician. Clinical show, only 1% of the lobular hyperplasia happens evil change, women do not have to worry too much about.

, the mood is not stable, the mood is not good, overworked, sexual life is harmonious, the living environment changes, or tonic food containing the hormone and long-term use of cosmetics containing ingredients hormones and so on, can affect the human body estrogen, progesterone secretion imbalance or secretion rhythm disorders caused by breast tissue.

To timely treatment after the discovery of

in breast disease commonly, to control the disease, to prevent further deterioration of development, annual review of 1-2 breast infrared scan.

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