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can be said to breast health and women’s health between has a great "association", so how do we know they have no breast disease? All the female friends have come in have a look!

symptoms: breast masses

A single mass

1, milk, and nipple skin no adhesion, no pain, hard texture, unclear boundaries, the mobility of small, fast growth, this is the characteristic of early breast cancer; continue to develop, with nipple, breast skin peel like change, and there is a pain, is more into the advanced;


2, breasts simultaneously or successively appeared round nodule, multiple sizes without adhesion, multiple cystic hyperplasia of breast;

3, milk in single or 2 to 3 small lump, boundary clear, smooth surface, the activity degree, no pain, slow growth, mostly fibroadenoma of breast

4, such as the tumor was nodular, quality hard, and skin adhesion, border is not clear, may be breast tuberculosis.

two: the symptom of nipple discharge

1, milky white liquid, many non pathological milk retention;

2, bloody fluid, more common in intraductal papilloma and papillary carcinoma.

3, nipple overflow colorless transparent liquid, more common in menopause, menopausal women or patients with hyperplasia of mammary gland;

4, yellow green thick purulent liquid, much as mammary duct ectasia associated with chronic inflammation;

symptoms three: breast pain

1, if a side breast was intermittent diffuse dull pain, pain string, or localized pain, tingling, and associated with the menstrual cycle and emotional changes, to consider breast epithelial hyperplasia.

2, the occurrence of pain in the lactation period, a pain or pulsatile pain, with red, swollen, hot phenomenon, skin become hard, and early appear chapped nipple, this is mostly mastitis.

3 advanced breast cancer lesions, due to attack the nervous, can appear the breast pain.

in addition, women puberty, premenstrual, pregnancy, postpartum, sexual life, after abortion can occur after breast pain, this is physical pain, will disappear, and does not need special treatment. If the pain is severe, long duration should be timely medical check for other diseases.

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