should choose breathable fabric

, enjoy the sleep — take off bra

before going to bed to breast freedom.

Sleep sweet

8 hours to 8 hours blood circulation breast opportunity, is the most basic maintenance to bound a day of breast. PARTY weekend hours, you need a strapless Bra support; in the office, you need a pair of tightening the Bra to help you create the skilled occupation female image; but the weekend at home, please return the original appearance of the breast, let her the most comfortable stay. Experts recommend at least a week topless day on breast health.

two, the vacation — take off bra

no role of time more reason for a free breast.

no Bra bundled together with the spirit of the body will lead to relax. The spring and autumn and winter: if a thin type of fabric exposed the summer so you have to always be prepared to meet the challenge, then the remaining three seasons you can fulfill the breast the dream of freedom.

pursuit of the perfect body, is one of the reasons why women can not be relieved, the popular forces is so irresistible, judge others let women don’t care is difficult.

experts remind: wear the right bra

experts found that possibility, day bra more than 12 hours of women than a short period of time or don’t wear bra breast cancer 21 times higher. The night did not take off bra women, are 100 times more likely to. Because the card tight bra chest will affect the normal circulation of partial breast lymph, normal cells in the course of time will make the breast cancer. "Sin" is not in bra, inappropriate use.

The most important

to wear the right bra. "A survey of the relationship between the long time wear bras and breast cancer USA cancer research center" is the result of long time, bra wearing tighten chest is negative breast care, its reason from two aspects, one is not wearing the right bra, two is to wear a long time.

poll, 80% of the world’s women wearing improper bras. Those who because of long time wear bra from breast disease Nive out of ten women, because of the improper selection bra. Therefore, experts recommend: first of all, the female should choose the right bra; secondly, if the need for work or in public wearing brassiere time, especially in 12 hours, should choose breathable fabric, not strong shufuli bra; in addition, every day after work, or public places not to go in the holiday you can try to unlock the bra, breast, let "more or less".

however, it is worth recalling, blind bare breasted desirable. Abandoned because of fear of breast disease bra inevitably some "give up eating for fear of choking". In addition to protect the breast bra role and direct impact from external abrasions, still can not support breast prolapse, maintain good form, but also conducive to the breast blood circulation.

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