shout loudly in the soft quilt. Or let the long artificial pearl in his legs up and down sliding.

why no matter how hard I try, can not let her, she always complain about not being able to have the yuxianyusi ?

sex experts pointed out, the normal physiological structure of most women can reach a climax in the is when sexual intercourse, men don’t know methods.

the following five sex posture, can make each other to enjoy a pleasant life , refer to have a look.

1 the men and women of

male lie down, legs straight, the woman sit astride the man who, for the man, the palm of your hand to do with support. When the woman’s body twist, the man can pay close attention to the woman’s thighs or buttocks.

Advantages of

: female can fully control the speed and the angle of insertion, master the advent of the climax, to achieve intense G-spot, please as far as possible to the body to the back, and with both hands to support the body weight.

2 horizontal side

this position can make both sides of male and female is labour saving, so long as the female side lay to, the man can be entered directly by the woman behind the female’s body, but also can use both hands caress her body, each other can enjoy the pleasure of sex.

advantages: because the woman both thighs close to, can let a man give her more pleasure. Moreover, this angle can let the male

3 before sitting type

men sat down out of the legs, women to spread her legs straddle in male legs, mutual hug each other.

advantages: this position can not only >

Husband and wife

sex quality not just can improve, and strive to achieve the need of both husband and wife. If you want to find a shortcut, then Xiaobian today to meet everybody wishes. Here we introduce 10 flirting skills, let your husband and wife sex instantly get distillation.

for your body to the point of decorative

in order to really let him head, take out those bright shining ornaments, in addition to jewelry, do not wear anything. You will meet him on Vegas entertainers dream. Use your earrings gently over his neck. To prepare a set of handcuffs, shout loudly in the soft quilt. Or let the long artificial pearl in his legs up and down sliding. (if you tied him to the bed column, pearl chain you will receive an additional "bonus").

learning star

will kiss and caress

, who says you have to become a Hollywood actress to secretly and your man hug? The next time you eat together, don’t sit across from him, but mind sits down next to him, as you are Paris’s most romantic cafe. Then give him warm French kisses.

told him: "I am the old"

don’t understand wrong, not suggesting you wear fur; just let you grasp the initiative in the bedroom. You can order him to pull out your clothes, and then kiss your toes, then your knee, and then, you……

much do sex motion

believe we exercise, make their own sweat, and has a direct relationship with hot sex. When your body is full of power, is the climax to the more intense. This is probably the most powerful magic, you can go to the gym and exercise to the body until the limit until.

finger in his body free swimming

don’t use his hands stroking his hair or back, make you full of sensitive nerve of the finger in his body up migration. This super experience will bring unprecedented enjoyment for him and you.

suspender belt

since her marriage, is not also never tried? Now is the time to try (it can let you instantly become hot

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