since the eye is very fragile

People pursuit orgasm long-standing pressure. Women usually on how to reach a climax was the pressure; and men of erection and orgasm comes too fast or too late to worry. Sometimes the pressure put on their face. However, according to American "and health" website reported on February 26th, sexologists agree, anxiety is the natural enemy of life. "Every couple should always tell myself, not all of the climax of sex, should try new ways to be happy."

sex this is a relaxed and interesting things, like a short vacation "". American sex educator, consultant and Medical Association member Annette · Dr. Owens said: "I have seen at a young couple sex as a nightmare. Her husband always appears to be too impatient, often difficult to achieve or maintain an erection. But the wife will advance to sexual life to prepare for a long time to start, but still unable to experience pleasure. This is a typical manifestation of anxiety. " In addition, some husbands during sex, asking "how does it feel", or the frequent replacement of sexual positions, are symptoms of anxiety "".

to alleviate the negative emotions, Annette · Owens thinks, should first advise couples "truce" for a period of time, do not have sexual life live a day. Secondly, let both sides to create a relaxed atmosphere in the home, such as the replacement of the bedroom decoration, change a bed velvet sheets. Most of the time, silky texture sheets, quilt cover will stimulate the skin’s thirst. When we all feel needed, do not rush to have sex, but seriously caress each other’s body. This is not simply the foreplay, take it as a fun thing, try to find that make each other happy caress, find each other site can stimulate the pleasure.

"sex happy time is not long, many tricks, but two of the beloved person can completely together. Forget the anxiety, sex will be out of the ordinary." Annette · Owens said.

Many people have a misunderstanding of human sexuality is linear, that alone can completely get contact sexual organs of joy, but not at all. As long as your heart with love, any part of the body can become very sensitive.


hair — listen China

it is said, to the hair caress, containing "want to make love to you, close to" information. Moreover, this feeling is brought by those closest to you, its power is not bad. A lot of people think, the hair off nor pain, but in fact, fondle hair is the most sweet, most can arouse sexual desire.

the easy way is to use the palm gently hair on, along the hair slowly slid from the roots Fashao, if they do not resist, then you can use the pulp gently stroked the hair root and scalp walk in. The root is the nerve collection, very sensitive to outside stimulation, coupled with the finger feeling to the brain center, the two exchanged caresses of the hair, the body will produce a new sense of satisfaction.

/ eyes to imagine the

is not call you with the mouth to suck the other person’s eyes this "extrasensory", said here is the eyelid. In fact, because of the mouth, this one is almost flooded contact organs on the face, many people ignore the eyelids the sensual caressing zone.

since the eye is very fragile, and must be very carefully so that a kind of touch, first mate with closed eyes, light sweep it with small finger, if the other party to accept, can try to use lips up, the lips of the sensitive can feel moving each other eyeball, if disrelish the lip contact surface up too much, feeling not detailed enough, can also put out his tongue to tongue light dial the other side of the eyelids, so it is not difficult to induce sexual desire.

/ ear to ear to feel the

from the ear listening into poetic notes, or is due to meet each other and issued a whisper absolute stimulating sensation. On the other hand, the ear caressing believe can also produce bigger effect, a lot of people being touched the ears blush, truth is true.


ear is — with arms around each other’s shoulders, with two fingers gently holding each other’s ear rub then tickling to the feeling, is suggestive of sexual pleasure. At a later stage, to the ear fossa blowing warm tone, and then sucking with his lips at the top, this will make the combustion more exuberant pleasure. Of course, you can also break the sucking excited with the other ear, moderation is the best science.

the armpits to laugh at


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