sitting in the middle of her male companion two thigh under a layer of the stairs

The gesture for

for men and women have different feelings

for female , posture change means that the relationship between the change of. A new feeling of course we prefer a new body by bending or new stimulus to brought about by the vaginal wall. In particular, we love the depth changes. As a gesture to the > the penis in the vagina only entrance "wandering", and yet another penis vagina.

for men , excited is the core of the penis, posture changes bring a new feel to the penis. A new perspective to bring a new kind of stimulation, is often concentrated in just a few centimeters.

but the position for women is not only connected with. We like the missionary position is because it gives us a face-to-face intuition. A gesture is popular is because it makes us feel more intimate with your partner, and the other one gesture being abhorrent because it makes people feel be accustomed to. So for many women, often transform posture is not necessary. Women generally prefer one or two of them or their position, it makes us feel close and connected and loved, not only reflect the feeling of love, but also reflects the need for an integrated.

female host was loved by many women, but if you don’t want to be watched or dominant of the of life, then it is not much effect. But if you can overcome these ideas, of course, it also has many advantages. You can control the rhythm control depth, the clitoris obtains more stimulus, and let him lie down and relax. Face to face you, you can touch each other, also can let to slow down, sometimes when he lost control, this method is very effective. Through the swing around the body, by the legs kneel or rotate to change the angle, all these need your back force.

lateral is quite relaxed and intimate way. It makes the body contacts, to kiss and talk, do not exist in the missionary position, "up and down" problem. If the load is another

if he suddenly insert allows you to quickly become very excited? Maybe you need to give him him relax. Let him lie quietly, at the same time to caress him, and kisses for about 30 minutes. He may not return. "If a man doesn’t like this attempt, he is usually that hurried sexual foreplay people, not satisfying the life " Howard Dr. Ruppel said "fortunately this attempt will make this guy changed, until he passe.

is a better way of French sex

if there are conditions, two French sex on the stairs with a pillow pad: the woman sitting on the stairs, sitting in the middle of her male companion two thigh under a layer of the stairs, which not only makes the man’s neck and head better activities, will also make the woman have a better perspective and more convenient to get from the partner sex organs on the lip stimulation.

more intimacy

"want to make you a person be hardly worthy of belief of" high tide, you need more sexual partners with; you need to have a sense of trust and be shut," Dr. Barbara Keesling said of clinical medicine. In order to establish such a wonderful feeling, you can: naked backs against the wall to sit down, let the sexual partners of your head on your lap, gentle to put your arms around him. Each other feeling each other warm, breathing and heartbeat. Then transform each other’s position, repeat the above action.

using lip techniques of


"the lips are very sensitive; in fact only the clitoris than lips are more nervous and more sensitivity," Dr. Daniel S. Stein said the medical. He also suggested that often according to the five kiss skills, to change your performance.

1) two lips: you collide with sexual partners in the lip slide against each other, just like you to capture from the spoon dropped like Boudin.

2) tonguing: under the tongue tissue is very sensitive, like lips following uplift.

3) loving nibble

4): sucking sucking each other’s tongue, stimulate the following salivary gland, but other have a sweet saliva.

5) blowing method: inhalation and suck out the other moist lips especially aroused.

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