so that the chest into the cup

1, the correct choice and wearing a bra

some people say, bra is a woman the most gentle gifts, but if the choice and the way of wearing improper, will cause harm to the breast. Petite chest, also want to wear a bra, long time not wearing a bra, causing the chest has no supporting points, causing chest spillover. Petite chest can choose thick thin 3/4 cup, with concentrated prop chest effect. Lace full cover type for the fullness of the chest of the most traditional selection.

chest outside the expansion of women, in addition to wear a good bra, adjustable underwear is best can wear no bra. Long term wear help to improve the armpit fat problems. In addition, wearing underwear the right steps should be forward 45 degree tilt, so that the chest into the cup; button on the back button, adjust nipple position in the cup tip, will be exposed muscles dial in bra, both hands to adjust the strap, set aside a finger width, then do a whole inspection.

2, maintain a good sleeping posture nursing milk

bad sleeping posture is breast beautiful killer, long-term sleep on their stomachs, female breast tissue will be excessive extrusion, resulting in premature aging of the skin, breast, breast relaxation deformation external expansion, bad blood circulation breast. In addition to sleep on their stomachs, long-term partial to one side of the sleeping posture is not good. With this position, can increase the female breast asymmetry. The breast the best sleeping position, supine sleeping position is to insist on.

3, alternating hot and cold water to make the breast firm

take a shower is a must do urban women’s daily homework. If take a shower time adhere to the correct methods, persevere, can let your breast strong plump. The use of bath shower, will alternate with warm water or cold water wash from bottom to top, to stimulate the chest.

after washing, taking advantage of the body slightly hot, rub moisturizing lotion, annular friction around the nipple, so as to enhance tissue tension, so that the breast firm. Take a shower when the water temperature to 27C or so is appropriate. Don’t use too hot or too cold water bath to stimulate the breast. Microvascular clouds around the breast, by hot or cold water bath to stimulate are extremely unfavorable.

4, do more exercise to keep fit

Regular exercise is the best way

has to keep fit. Swimming, push ups, dumbbell, chest aerobics is a good way to exercise. The following two action to let women keep breast beauty. Standing movements hands naturally hang down, with legs wide open and the shoulders; hands folded hands in the chest into action, small clamping arm, both hands to hold the folded position and then push.

then retracted to the original position in the breast, and then push upwards of 5 cm. Can be repeated. Standing posture with natural prolapse, with legs wide open and the shoulders; the hands clench fist, straight to the front together, palm up, then bend the forearm, made with hands over the face look. Maintain the fist position, and then forced to do open hands, feet close together and action; and then to lay down their hands, back to its original position. Repeat 20 more times.

5, learn self-examination of breast

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