so this move will be able to surprise her. For her hair to be able to give her &gt

many women like men pay attention to the site — than you might think more like. For this part, you can work hard, without having to treat breast so carefully. You can knead or press. From the waist to hips touch will achieve better results.

6 hips

this is where you can develop innovation. Gently kissed her knee fossa, the medial arm, thigh or jugular fossa. Women love to let you on these parts of touching, kissing, licking or blowing. Inside with the tongue licking the arm is a how sexy feeling. This is the only novel in some fantastic feeling. But, once the focus in these parts, the rhythm will relaxation things down — for she is also very helpful.

5 soft parts

if you let her lie on the bed (or you) and massaged her waist position, will bring her unexpected happiness. Here also has the rich nerve endings, and is under a lot of pressure parts, can make her feel very comfortable and relaxed. Not only that, it also helps to sexual arousal. Because massage to promote blood circulation and pelvis congestion. At the beginning, press stable with the fingertips. If she likes, can add strength. Kiss of the area is also a good way.

4 back

error: men and women think, women’s breasts larger, more intense response to sexual stimuli, and easy to achieve orgasm. Many men still another fallacy… Breast size has nothing to do with sexual desire

the breast is the most men familiar sexy area, so you’re not likely to ignore them. You are more likely to make the mistake of before she was ready too much (or too hard) to fondle them. Too much stimulation may cause female breast numbness or pain at some time in the menstrual cycle phenomenon. Try fewer practices: lightly touch her breast, and then hand away, leaving time to let her action. Remember, the entire breast were filled with nerve endings, so you can through the nipple stimulation outside of the site to make strong the purpose of nipple.

3 breast

have you ever noticed that many women love playing with their hair? They do it because it makes them feel good, very likely she would want you to play with it. The scalp is very sensitive to stimulation, and she could not think of you are willing to visit here, so this move will be able to surprise her. For her hair to be able to give her >

first: edible fungus

tremella, black fungus, mushrooms, Hericium, tuckahoe, is a natural biological response modifiers, can enhance human immunity, enhance the body’s resistance, the anti-cancer effect of strong.

second categories: fish

yellow croaker, hairtail, loach, soft shelled turtle, octopus, squid, sea cucumber, oysters and seaweed, Sargassum pallidum, because they are rich in trace elements, have the protection of breast, inhibit cancer growth effect.

third class: class

grape, kiwifruit, lemon, strawberry, orange, fig, not only containing multiple vitamins, but also contain anti-cancer and prevent carcinogenic substances nitrosamine synthesis.

fourth: vegetable

and foods with a reasonable is conducive to good health. Such as tomatoes, carrots, cauliflower, pumpkin, garlic, onion, asparagus, cucumber, towel gourd, carrot and some leafy green vegetables.

fifth: milk and milk products beneficial to the breast care, can supplement calcium

grains such as wheat, corn, soybean and some grains are conducive to health. Barley contains large amounts of soluble and insoluble cellulose. Soluble fiber can help the body to fat, cholesterol and carbohydrate metabolism and reduce cholesterol. Not soluble fiber helps the digestive system healthy, and cancer prevention. Nuts food nuts and fruit species, contains large amounts of antioxidants, can rise to the anticancer effect.

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