so young women should be how to prevent breast cancer

as people lifestyle changes, breast cancer has become the most dangerous enemy of women’s health. Therefore, early prevention, healthy living habits, it is necessary to look. Because, long-term diet, living habits and other factors caused by excessive acidification of body physique, function of the overall decline, will cause the thyroid diseases and endocrine disorders, immune…

as the breast changes by endocrine hormone effect, about 20 girls, has become one of the goals of breast diseases, young women in times of stress, mood swings too easily lead to endocrine disorders, such as breast hyperplasia symptoms when. Mainly for one side or both sides of the breast bilges painful, severe pain can’t even touch, others are nipple pain or itch. The pain is often a few days before menstruation or aggravate, menstrual pain was relieved or disappeared, pain can also fluctuate with changes in mood. Long term case canceration easily.

so young women should be how to prevent breast cancer? The expert says, young girls should pay attention to their own breast health, establish "early prevention, early discovery, early treatment" consciousness. A reasonable diet, to relax the mood, pay attention to self protection, regular physical examination, to prevent and cure, try more exercise.

breast cancer prevention, but also pay attention to in a specific period.

– the menstrual periodKey:

care a week before menstruation, stay away from spicy, try to eat light and high fiber foods, so as to avoid the hormone is too active, aggravate menstrual breast pain.

– the pregnancy process


care of the women of this period should put the shirt and bra tight close up, in order to avoid the oppression of the breast, affect the normal growth of mammary gland, thus affecting the child’s feeding. In addition, in the pre pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy after in the examination, should pay special attention to the examination of breast.

– menopauseKey:

care after middle age should adhere to a monthly breast self examination, once a year to the professional hospital for examination. Their attention to small breast changes at any time, found the problem, immediately check treatment.

after menopause

key: this stage, in addition to care done regularly checks the breast, women on the abnormal sensation, the sudden appearance of the breast volume shape change, nipple discharge situation should pay attention to, should see a doctor immediately. In addition, the need to draw attention is, postmenopausal women taking hormone replacement agent should be cautious, if taken must be under the guidance of doctors in monitoring.

how to prevent?The increase of

1, more intake of food rich in cellulose obesity and weight are likely to lead to breast cancer. Usually should be less intake of animal fat, more absorption of fibrous food, vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes, thereby reducing can cause breast cancer of estrogen in the body, reducing the incidence of breast cancer.

2 to develop good habits, exercise according to medical experts statistics, the frequent movement of women diagnosed with breast cancer, few >

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