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Choosing a Landscaping Designer A lot of factors must be considered to know which landscaping designer you should hire. And although it’s good that you have lots of options out there, that can actually make choosing more difficult. But here are tips below that can help: The Team Approach Landscaping projects handled by teams are usually the best. When we say, “team,” we probably mean a designer and his staff and a contractor and his staff. In any case, make sure you get inputs from all sides to make sure the project is well-coordinated and you fully understand what’s going on. This “team” consists of the landscaping experts, but you’re still the owner of your property so you still have to be ultimately on top of things.
Solutions Tips for The Average Joe
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With your shortlist of prospects, call each of them and request for references. Also look at their portfolios so you can tell if your style matches theirs. Explore their websites and find out about their educational background and landscaping experience. Industry Credentials There’s no doubt that ongoing education is important for landscape professionals, if they are to maintain their current certifications. Know what your prospects’ affiliations and certifications are. License and Bond Get in touch with your state’s licensing board to find out if your prospects are licensed as well as bonded. Take note that there are many levels of licensing and some may not work for the job you want. When a landscape designer is neither licensed nor bonded, that’s a sure sign you should find another one to consider. Liability Insurance Besides the unlicensed and un-bonded, landscape designers who are uninsured must also be stricken off your list of prospects. You should choose a designer with liability insurance so that you’re financially protected in the event that they commit costly errors, like cutting a gas line or damaging your neighbor’s roof after a tree fell on it. While these scenarios may feel too extreme, they are real and they can happen to anyone, so you should be prepared. Green Practices With the state of our planet these days, you can’t afford not to hire a landscaper who is all for the green approach. For instance, they must make use of natural soil amendments such as compost, choose local, drought-resistant plants, uses irrigation systems that are water-efficient and weather-controlled, and rarely, if ever, uses chemicals. Transparency in Cost While the cheapest landscape designer isn’t automatically the best, cost is always an important consideration. That’s why you should pick a designer who is honest about pricing. All costs must be written down, and there must be no surprises. And you must have a contract where it includes that only expenses you have pre-approved will be paid. The Trust Factor Lastly, as you may know, a landscape design project is a huge investment. Be sure to trust your designer fully or you may have to double your expenses by having everything redone later on.

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