some cells including wasps with honeycomb material or part of the hive. To be sure the fresh sap is sticky

  remember that "amber" in high school textbooks? Amber was born in forty million to sixty million years ago, is called the beginning of the new century geology (Eocene), is a rare pine resin after high pressure, high earth rock after extrusion, have the qualitative change of fossil.   when the sticky SAP formed, will be some animal and plant wrapped them, forming "time timer", which can be traced back to the mysterious scene millions of years ago, preserved, and then to see you through time and space, let people through the mysterious crystal insight into ancient secrets, full of mystery.   to some extent, from the pine trees on the exudation of sap is a miniature of asphalt, once the animal involved, there is no possibility of escape. The following is preserved in amber several mysterious ancient animal:   figure, it is wrapped with tens of millions of years ago from the spider amber, pictures can be seen in the evolutionary history of spider changes very little, and clearly show the physical structure of the ancient spider. It is just a few minutes before the frozen specimens, but in fact has been passed on for thousands of years.   figure, wrapped in ancient dragonfly in amber. The wings are intact, clear the "pillar" texture.   over millions of years, a variety of wasp wings flying in the air. As shown in the figure, the amber preserved a hapless wasp, it was completely wrapped sticky sap. But for archaeologists, this is a considerable research value of amber, it can save and show appearance, body structure the Hornets, even the body color.   this is a very unique amber, some cells including wasps with honeycomb material or part of the hive. To be sure the fresh sap is sticky, but when it drops to the animal body completely wrapped up at the last moment will form a droplet structure. The Hornets Amber’s history can be traced back to 95000000 years ago, through the amber can clearly see the wasp wings and antennae, even on the wings of the villi are clearly visible.   figure, rare wrapped ant Baltic amber.   amber crystal can also save the wings of a butterfly, this way can clearly show twenty million years ago, butterfly wing colors, in addition, there are some moths are encased in amber.   in addition, butterfly, spider small animal trapped in amber, also includes some of the larger animal, for example: the snail. The snail is encased in amber examples are not uncommon, but sometimes it will be found that the snail will be wrapped in blue amber. This blue amber color change is due to sunlight and heat in the form of ordinary amber.   land snail amber is common, but the marine snail amber is very few. We cannot estimate how many marine snails with pine needles contact liquid, but experts have speculated that 25000000 years ago, the situation has appeared in the Dominica province.   figure, it is in;

generally speaking, when the hyperplasia of mammary glands are relatively light, with only slight premenstrual breast pain, breast nodules scattered in small particles within the sample, the condition does not affect the work and life, can be used to alleviate the bra hold up the breast breast distending pain, without taking any medications, only for the clinical observation can, without the obvious change, but every six months to a year to a specialist check once a. When the symptom is serious and the impact of the work or life when, should give the different treatment of each case.

treatment methods commonly used are: Traditional Chinese medicine treatment, such as Chinese medicine in treatment, external treatment, acupuncture and so on; the western medicine treatment, such as oral hormone drugs, iodine and other drugs for the symptomatic treatment; operation treatment, such as breast lumpectomy, simple resection of breast.

The standard of curative effect of

disease of mammary gland hyperplasia:

(1): clinical cure tumor disappeared, breast pain disappeared, 3 months after discontinuation of treatment without recurrence.

(2): the largest tumor diameter markedly reduced more than 1/2, breast pain disappeared.


The largest tumor diameter reduced

lack of 1/2, breast pain relieve;

II reduce mass above 1/2, breast pain is not relieved.



mass does not reduce, or increases hard;

of the pure milk pain relief, and the mass does not shrink. In the curative effect, the general statistics the total efficiency and total effectiverate. Among them, the former contain effective, markedly and the cure rate; the latter refers to the effect and cure rate.

(Intern editor: Zheng Yanjun)

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