Some patients with

shape 1: all ok

is the most beautiful expression of breast. Each side of the breast are 15-20 which is shaped arrangement of the gland, gland is between fiber bundles and vertical skin, called the Cooper ligament, only when the internal structure of the normal breast, blood and lymph circulation network unobstructed, good, they can present a hemispherical appearance, big and small, zygomorphic, moderate beautiful.

2: shape bulge

When the breast masses

appear, we must be very careful! Slow growth, ache is apparent mass mostly benign hyperplasia or inflammation; rapid growth, unclear mass need to quickly check.

The above

breast hyperplasia disease accounted for about all 75% breast disease, breast disease is a kind of the most common, any age at puberty started later in women. The clinical manifestations of the disease in the breast lumps, breast pain as the basic performance.

Some patients with

knowledge of breast disease have a misunderstanding, think oneself breast long a "little a knot in one’s heart", do not ache not to itch, don’t go, only feel pain is ill, actually this is wrong.

shape 3: Earth crumbles breast "dimple" grow to

when the disease affects the supporting role of the ligament of Cooper, breast shrinks, collapse. When the lymph circulation affected lymph edema caused by breast skin, hair follicles punctate depressions, "orange peel like" "dimple" change.

this is because breast cancer in the early lesions, breast internal appeared round or oval painless solitary small mass and the formation of. Later, with the development of disease, tumor surrounding tissue appear reactive hyperplasia. When the tumor tissue infiltration into fibrous ligament continuous gland and skin, it will cause the contraction of ligament. However, this increase is not cancer together with ligament. The surface of the skin causing tumors by pulling and depression, such as the formation of superficial skin sag, which is "dimple sign".

should be emphasized is, not wait until the appearance of breast masses "dimple sign" to the hospital, because this is already in the middle of breast cancer. Therefore, it is the best method of treatment seeking in the emergence of a painless mass when.

(1) breast pain: general or two side breast distending pain, tingling or pain, severe pain, walking pain can not touch, to breast swollen fast based, to the armpits, chest and hypochondrium, shoulder, upper limb radiation, while others showed nipple pain or itching, pain and volatility as the mood and menstrual cycle change, often in before menstruation or angry, depressed when aggravating, menstrual cramps and pain disappeared or significantly reduce.

(2) breast masses: unilateral or bilateral breast, single or multiple masses outside and above, good hair at the breast, a massive, nodular, granular or cords, with massive see more, bump border is not clear, moderate or slightly hard, no adhesion with the surrounding tissue can be activities, tenderness, mass size, small like sand, big can be more than 3-4CM. Milk >

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