some people can not find the key point of the woman

continuity of orgasm difference between

continuous orgasm refers to female reach an orgasm, the foundation does not subside in the excitement on the climax.

continuous orgasm as in the lottery is not easy, but is the most TOP climax feeling. Women experience continuous orgasm repeatedly has a number of factors, this condition is found in about 30% of young women. Can experience repeatedly orgasm does not determine the quality of of life including orgasm, but continuous orgasm can make your life more perfect.

multiple orgasm orgasm is again excited subside situations, such as in the the foreplay sexual intercourse when once the clitoris high tide, appeared after vaginal orgasm during intercourse, i.e. multiple orgasm climax has experienced several periodic response, even if is periodic part. Continuous orgasm is continuous to the reaction of the high tide period, is the first climax of sexual excitement has not subsided when began to second or even third climax.

The reaction process of

of human can be divided into excitement period, plateau, orgasm period and subsidise period. The study found that the sex, platform stage, the longer the duration, the female changes in orgasm and performance more obvious and intense, at the same time, resulting in more intense excitement period of sexual arousal, orgasm change and performance is also more obvious and intense. Want to appear continuous orgasm, you need to make sexual excitement platform duration as long as possible, so as to let the excitement continues to the next climax.

continuous orgasm is triggered, the orgasm to occur one after the other. Continuous orgasm does not usually realized in masturbation, usually href= "

in fact, there are many errors man for a woman’s body, she a climax which react? Sensitive point in where? How to stimulate in place? What can general tips for women?…

the following are some common misconceptions, Chinese health network for you one one answers.

error 1:

G spot doesn’t exist. G this mysterious parts make a man feel headache, some people can not find the key point of the woman, so they think it does not exist.

taught you how to find the G spot!


is not every woman has a G-spot, but it really exists. China member of the Institute, Science Consultant Yi Ping pointed out, the G spot is located in the on the anterior wall of vagina, vagina mouth 2 to 3 cm, with half the fingernails were so large, it is composed of similar male of the penile erectile tissue. How to find the sensitive area? female lying in bed, with his own (or partner) a finger to stimulate the anterior wall of vagina, every 10 seconds press once, a prominent position can let a female get pleasure is g.

error 2:

The mystery of

clitoris sex switch. Some men always begins with a dedication to stimulate the female clitoris, clitoris like that "switch", according to a few, can quickly ignite female lust.


of Tsinghua University Department of medicine Ma Xiaonian said, the clitoris contains the blood and nerve endings rich, the appropriate stimulus can indeed cause female sexual excitement. But the direct stimulation of men without bedding, makes women "feel pain, numbness, uncomfortable" >

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