stay up late 3. Research thinks

about what factors may lead to breast cancer, experts say is benevolent see benevolence, the wise see wisdom. With the release of a series of studies, some of the factors put on "breast cancer killer" of the hat, and some factors because of insufficient evidence, is still not clear their relationship with breast cancer.

alert! Had been wrongly breast cancer killer

based on summarized a large number of research results, USA health information management experts Jody Cancer Research Center Dr. Moffat? Will the legendary "breast cancer killer" as sufficient evidence and the evidence is insufficient two class.

Lack of evidence

1 the antiperspirant. Check the aluminum salt secretion of sweat sweat agent in generation, was supposed to lead to breast cancer. However, there is no research to support this conclusion. In addition, there are people that antiperspirants will make in the sweat of toxins in the chest, agglomeration, cause mammary gland cell carcinogenesis. In fact, apart from outside the body sweat, there are many "Detox" mode, so the antiperspirant does not cause breast cancer.

2 stress. Israeli researchers have found life under pressure, many women are more likely to develop breast cancer, but more research found that, regardless of the pressure and breast cancer risk, even the study found that the pressure will reduce the level of estrogen, namely the reduction of breast cancer risk. Conclusion the entry and so great, is because the pressure is difficult to define and quantify.

stay up late 3. Research thinks, stay up late to secrete melatonin suppression of melatonin reduced, and will lead to increased estrogen levels. That is to say stay up late can lead to an increased risk of breast cancer. This kind of research is mostly no other variables, control of objects such as weight, drinking history and birth history, so the evidence is not sufficient.

4 strip bra. Some people think that, the strip bra will oppress the armpit lymph node, hinder the lymph circulation. This argument is no scientific basis. The expert points out, thinner women will choose not to strip the bra, and their risk of having breast cancer had relatively low.

5 breast trauma. A study from the University of Lancaster in England have proposed, breast injury were more likely to have breast cancer. In fact, the cancer is due to genetic lesions caused by the reason, this conclusion may be due to injuries, let them hurt, often check the breast, so the chances of discovering cancer higher.


1 alcohol. Numerous studies demonstrate that, drinking more frequently, the greater the risk of getting breast cancer. This is because alcohol can increase estrogen level. Even if the drink only a small glass of wine per day, the risk of breast cancer will increase 10%. If you drink two times a day, increase the probability is 1.5 times that of ordinary people.

2 hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement therapy is a method of treating climacteric syndrome often use. But the study found that, the use of hormone replacement therapy time is longer, the probability of occurrence of breast cancer is higher.

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