term is partial to one side sleeping posture increases a woman’s breast asymmetry. Not only that

today will tell you what is causing 10 killer flat chested, with these bad habits of the MM can be quickly corrected Oh, otherwise will regret a lifetime.

, high calorie diet

breast lipoma and like most high calorie fat person Predestiny, is one of the most common benign tumor of the body surface, can any parts of adipose tissue occurs in the body, but the breast is seen, the onset age of 30~50 years old was much. Its main performance is a unilateral increase slower growth, the masses. Shape is round or irregular lobulated, clear edge and soft, rarely undergo malignant transformation. The main method of treatment need surgery, and to investigate the there is no residue, so as to avoid the recurrence of.

two, a sideways position caused breast asymmetry


term is partial to one side sleeping posture increases a woman’s breast asymmetry. Not only that, the asymmetry of the physical activity can also influence the breast blood circulation, resulting in unilateral breast development quickly. Physiological development of bilateral breast asymmetry with correct bad habits of, physical maturity, or after a benign stimulation repeatedly effective, when the breast and gonadal axis and establish a stable biological feedback, both breasts will gradually tend to symmetry, do not have to worry too much.

three, material, nylon lace underwear too much

underwear with all kinds of chemical fiber, nylon fabric Lycra, now looked stiff and many. But too much lace, nylon material contact with the skin, cause skin sensitive, and may even have a small head off into the papillary projections, entanglement jam lactiferous hole or the milk ducts, causing dysgalactia or formation of mastitis. High fever, chills, breast local harden, skin redness and swelling, tenderness and throbbing pain, sometimes the nipple may also discharge purulent liquid, are symptoms of mastitis.

four, often wear underwear

want to know too much Shushen underwear, it is in their breasts to torture, and le and crowded, the passage of time can cause breast blood flow and compression pain. Lacteal painful disease usually begins to occur during the week before menstruation, the performance for the breast pain, after the event will aggravate, aggravating, and when menstruation will gradually disappear, until the next menstrual cycle and come back! If the breast examination no mass, just relax the body, relax the mood, in most cases 2~3 years this situation will disappear.

five, touch the breast of violent action

breast very fragile, cannot treat them harshly. When the breast by the severe impact, small vessels within it will rupture and hemorrhage, so as to form the hematoma, after absorbed and destruction in the blood, it will form a cyst. It is also important to understand good lactation method, proper health habits.

six, the developmental stage of unhealthy weight control

in breast development stage, if the medicine reducing weight, can cause endocrine disorders, thus causes the sex hormone secretion disorder, affect breast development! In the sex hormone, estrogen and progesterone can promote breast development, increasing >

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