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5 Ways to Regulate our HVAC Power Consumptions Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems will give you appropriate indoor air quality and thermal comfort. They control temperature and humidity to give you a comfortable environment. Among other places needed, HVAC appliances are necessary in residential building, workplaces and oceanic environments. HVAC appliances require energy to operate. To save on electricity costs, below are five ways that you can use to regulate your HVAC power consumption. Using different sources of energy apart from electricity is the first method. Such an option can be creating electricity using solar panels. Furthermore, thermal energy from the sun can be gathered when there is sunlight and stored as both electrical and thermal energy to power HVAC systems through solar heating. For big industries, ice powered air conditioning and geothermal heating can be used. Lessening your heating requirements is another parameter. You can wear warm garments or blanket yourself to increase your thermostat. To keep cool, use the fan then turn further or off the temperature on AC. Less energy is utilized in blowing air then converting hot air into cold air. Depending on the need, control the speed of the motor on the fan because energy used is equivalent to the cube of speed; therefore, less power is consumed when the speed is lower. Additionally, do not concurrently heat and cool the building. This is huge energy wastage.
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Switch off devices when not in use. It may sound obvious buy you may easily forget to do so. HVAC devices should be put off or unplugged when no one is inside the building. They consume power even when not in use, as long as they are connected to the power source. Let it be your custom to confirm that sockets are switched off when you leave the building.
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Advance to energy efficient HVAC devices instead of using the outdated ones. Energy saving plugs are available and also automatic controls in latest models can sense temperature to activate the device other than it operating all through. Area to be covered and cost of power, among other factors, should be put in mind when purchasing a new appliance. Power consumption is very high in some old equipment therefore you need to dispose them. Install programmable thermostats to manage your heating and cooling systems efficiently. Due to latest innovations, programmable thermostats can be part of the cloud and connected to Wi-Fi. Thermostats can learn your behavior and tell the temperatures hence adjust accordingly due to the cloud computing technologies and sensors. Selection of the precise dimensions of the device is useful in reducing energy utilization. Train the users, be it employees or families on energy saving options above. Reduce your expenditure by minimizing energy utilization of the HVAC system.

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